Report: teams believe three first-round players are the basis for a Russell Wilson trade

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When Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson went public with his desire for a voice in personnel decisions and his frustration at being beaten up too much earlier this month, it was said that the Seahawks weren’t happy about it and that. led some to wonder if it was the first step. towards a team exit.

Wilson said the question of whether he’s available on a trade is for the Seahawks to answer and teams have reportedly been asking. NFL Media’s Michael Silver reports that a third of the league called the team on the possibility of a Wilson exchange.

Silver adds that those teams have come out with the belief that the starting point for any serious conversation would be three first-round picks. That’s a bit different than what was said earlier this month that there was no chance the team would trade Wilson, although it’s unclear if anyone has expressed a willingness to move that many assets to Seattle in a trade.

Trading Wilson would require the Seahawks to bring $ 39 million of dead money to their limit, although waiting to process a trade until after June 1 would allow them to bring $ 26 million into the 2022 season. Silver also reported that the Seahawks got the message. of Wilson and that there is an opportunity to ease your concerns before any trade is on the table.

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