Report: No Consensus in the Eagles Building Regarding Jalen Hurts

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If it seems like the Eagles have been a bit all over the place when it comes to quarterback position in recent months, there’s a reason for that. Apparently they are.

Rob Maaddi, covering the Eagles for the Associated Press, recently made this observation on Twitter: “Eagles is it so unsure about Jalen Hurts. There is no consensus in the building. After beating the Saints, they wanted to get rid of Carson Wentz. After the next 3 losses, they wanted to solve it with Carson. After trading Carson, they considered a trade up for a quarterback before trading at 12 “.

A trade would surely have been aimed at landing a quarterback. It seems the eventual drop was aimed at eliminating the temptation to grab one at number 6.

Regardless, it definitely appears the Eagles lack clarity and certainty regarding their quarterback situation. And perhaps for good reason. There are three types of teams in the NFL: (1) those with true franchise quarterbacks; (2) those desperately looking for a true franchise quarterback; and (3) those who have a quarterback who may or may not become a franchise quarterback.

Las Águilas are currently in Category Three. Jalen Hurts has shown promise, but they don’t know what it can be. They won’t know for sure until he plays enough in new coach Nick Syriaani’s system to give the defenses enough film to figure out how to try and stop Hurts. If you play at a high level even after that point, you might become a franchise player.

Owner Jeffrey Lurie reportedly wants to give Hurts a chance to show what he can do. That is the best approach. Do your best with the second year of the second round for a season and then reassess the situation. It is too early to know whether or not you will become a true franchisee.

Once the Eagles know the answer, they must act accordingly. And if they decide after this year that Hurts isn’t the guy, their move from No. 6 to No. 12 gives them the extra ammo in next year’s draft to move up, if necessary, to take another spin to find what. the Eagles haven’t had it since Donovan McNabb.

From Kevin Kolb to Mike Vick, Nick Foles, Sam Bradford, Carson Wentz and Hurts, the search continues. If it doesn’t hurt, the search will continue. For now, the Eagles owe it to themselves and the player to see what they have in Hurts.

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