Report: Discord is looking for a buyer, price could exceed $ 10 billion

Discord has reportedly put pen to paper in an exclusive takeover discussion and is in a serious conversation about selling off to another company.

According to a report from VentureBeat, several anonymous parties have shown interest in buying the provider of the mass chat platform, but a potential buyer in question has signed an agreement with Discord to bring negotiations to a near final stage.

Officially, Discord declined the post’s request for comment on the grounds that it won’t discuss rumors or speculation.

Any potential sale comes amid several already explosive months for the video game industry thanks to other major events such as the now-finalized $ 7.5 billion sale of ZeniMax Media to Microsoft or Robloxgreat direct listing. Even Discord itself has caught some of that attention prior to these sale rumors, with the company raising an additional $ 100 million near the end of 2020.

In VentureBeat’s full report found here, the post notes that the ball is largely in Discord’s court, as the company previously turned down leads for inconsistencies between how its leadership and potential buyers envisioned its next steps. .


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