Report: Ben Roethlisberger hypnotized his knee in Week 13

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Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger says he is not 100 percent, but there is none at this point in time. So just how -100 percent is he not?

It is unclear, given the clear disconnect between reporting on the topic and the team’s official injury report. Rothlisberger was last mentioned on the injury report, with a knee injury. 13. Ian Rapport of NFL Media Report stated that Rothlisberger suffered a prosthetic knee in Week 13, against Washington.

If he folded his knee in week 13, Rothlisberger received no treatment for it at least in week 14, week 15, or week 16 (at least not from the team).

Two weeks ago, Jason La Canfora of CBS reported that the Steelers have “serious concerns” about Rothlisberger’s knee, and this is an issue in practice and games. Again, there is no mention of a “knee” for Roethlisberger on the injury report for the week before or on the day of the report.

Rapoport says that Roethlisberger has arthritis in both knees. Given their size and pounding since 2004, it is no surprise. The question is whether and to what extent he can continue it till 2020, or even if he wants to.

For now, there is business to be taken care of. Today’s game against the Colts could increase the division. A loss could make Week 17 an AFC North fight against the Browns.

Then comes Postson, where the Steelers will have their hands full. Especially if Rothlisberger has a stiff knee.

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