Report: Apple leads global Q2 tablet shipments with 14 million iPads

Apple posted record results for the June quarter that raised its stock price. Now Canalys is out on global tablet shipments with its estimates of how much Apple is leading to Samsung, Amazon and others.

Apple’s June quarter performance included revenue of $ 59.7 billion with $ 11.75 billion. One of the strongest areas of growth for the quarter was iPad revenue, with the company highlighting that 2019 saw growth of 31% compared to the same quarter.

Apple doesn’t break unit numbers, but shares that the iPad brought in $ 6.58 billion in sales in Q2 (Financial Q3). Canalys is out today with its estimate of how many units Apple shipped and how it did compared to the competition.

An analysis of 14.2 million iPads in the June quarter indicated Apple’s market share of 38% of global tablet sales. Samsung came in second place with 18% of the market. Huawei and Amazon came in third and fourth, with 12% and 8% shares respectively.

Interestingly enough, even though Apple certainly had an amazing quarter, Canalis estimates that Samsung, Huawei and Amazon all saw greater growth for tablets. The firm valued Apple’s iPad unit growth at 19.8% while Samsung achieved 39.2%, Huawei achieved 44.5% and Amazon 37.1%.

This contributed to Apple losing 2% of its global market share. The entire tablet market saw growth of 26.1%.

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