Rep. Lauren Boebert says Twitter account was closed until opening day


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) – Rep. Lauren Boebert says that Twitter has closed her account for about a week until the end of Inauguration Day.

According to the screenshot shared by Bolebert, Twitter said that Colorado Republicans had tweeted that it “violated Twitter rules”, but did not specify which ones.

On Wednesday, Boebert posted a screenshot on Instagram, stating that he was locked up for a week. Both of his Twitter accounts appear active but his last tweet was about 22 hours ago on Tuesday.

In a closed state, users can still browse Twitter and send messages directly to followers. However, they are not able to tweet, retweet like other people’s posts or any other post.

Boeubert has been on the hot seat online after defending presidential candidate Donald Trump’s claims of electoral fraud and also said he did not incite any violence when Trump supporter supporters stormed the Capitol.

Critics have also accused him of inciting a violent mob on January 6 through his Twitter post.

Boebert condemned Twitter’s decision to ban Trump from using his services, saying “unaffiliated tech oligarchs shouldn’t have such a large power over global discourse.”

Thousands of people in Colorado asked online and newly elected congressmen to resign. But he fired back on Monday, saying that Democrats and “Hollywood elite” are hypocritical and also guilty of advancing the political divide.

KRDO has reached out to Bober’s office for comment. We will update this article when more information is released.

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