Remembering the star of & # 39; SNL & # 39; Chris Farley on the anniversary of his death

Twenty years ago, on December 18, 1997, comedian Chris Farley was found dead of a drug overdose in his Chicago apartment.

It's hard to believe it's 20 years. Tell those you love that you love them. Remembering Chris Farley 20 years after his death: & # 39; People talk about him as if he were alive. In many ways, it is still & # 39; https: // through @WiStateJournal

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With only 33 years, Farley joined the club "Saturday Night Live" "he left too early" – including John Belushi and Phil Hartman – and left behind a body of work that is still as fun, moving, uncomfortable and relevant today as always It was. Although Farley's fame extended beyond "SNL" – we are still waiting for "Tommy Boy" to be named to the National Film Registry – the nightly newsletter show was responsible for presenting his frantic and sweaty brand of humor to the United States . So on this anniversary of Farley's death, we are remembering five of his many, many, many memorable sketches of "SNL." And if you need more, start your rabbit observation here.

Down by the River (May 8, 1993)

If I did not start this list with the debut of "SNL" by Matt Foley – the heavy, unsuccessful motivational speaker brought to scare two teenagers directly – it would be fired and would probably end up living in a truck next to the river.

The Chris Farley Show: Paul McCartney (February 13, 1993)

"Remember when you were with the Beatles? That was amazing." Nothing caught Farley's sweet, awkward sincerity, and his brutal insecurity, better than his continuous sketches of "Chris Farley Show." And as a parody of the television interview industry, it still stands 24 years later.

Chippendales (October 27, 1990)

Farley was never afraid to use his girth to laugh – luckily for him, the term "fat shaming" had not yet been coined, and his gift for physical comedy turned This sketch of a joke in an enduring comedy clbadic.

Zagat & # 39; s with Hank and Beverly Gelfand (February 2, 1995) [19659012] Nothing can quell the enthusiastic midwestern enthusiasm of Beverly for restaurant reviews, not even the insults of her husband.

Climatic scope: El Niño (October 25, 1997)

El Niño storm as a professional wrestling growl? This is precisely the kind of absurdity of the night writers room that usually crashes the impact, but the great strength of Farley's commitment and charisma elevates this idea to the stratosphere.

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