Remember, Microsoft’s new console generation is called “Xbox”

Microsoft recently confirmed the long-running Xbox Lockhart console, and as expected, called it the Xbox Series S. It plays the same game as the Xbox Series X, the same library as the Xbox One S and Xbox One X. But because we’ve spent nearly a year referring to Microsoft’s next generation as the “Xbox Series X”, it is suddenly a bit confusing to discuss the next generation. You cannot say that a game is coming to the Xbox Series X, as we have in the past, as it states that it is not coming to the Xbox Series S. But it all goes back to a point from last December that seemingly went down. Radar: The new generation of consoles is simply called Xbox. Series X (and now Series S) are model names only.

A Microsoft spokesperson explicitly stated to Business Insider in December, soon after the Xbox Series X name surfaced at The Game Awards: “The name we’re taking forward for the next generation is simply Xbox. And the You saw it at the Game Awards. The name comes to life through the Xbox Series X. Just like what fans have seen with previous generations, the name ‘Xbox Series X’ allows for additional consoles in the future. “

But because we only had one iteration of the next generation Xbox we knew about, everyone just calls it the Xbox Series X and why wouldn’t they do it? Just to say “Xbox” would cause confusion, because it sounds like you’re referring to the original Xbox system or the Xbox ecosystem, spanning all generations. This is a problem that is not unlike what we encountered when the Xbox One was introduced. As of writing, this is fairly obvious, but speak the word “Xbox One” aloud and you’re left in a vague area where it’s unclear whether you’re talking about the current generation or Microsoft’s first console.

Microsoft hasn’t spoken much on the subject recently, but as written by Tom Warren of The Verge on Twitter, the new marketing campaign has emphasized the Xbox name as the full Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.

Some observers have expressed concerns that the naming convention may be misleading, especially for consumers who are not familiar with these plugs and may be. The Xbox One X has already been discontinued, but when a Guardian goes to buy a Guardian Xbox system in the future, will they have problems getting the Xbox One S from the Xbox Series S to the Xbox Series S? The cuts to the Xbox One S (which seems inevitable) may help differentiate the console from each other, but it remains to be seen how exactly it plays out.

All of this stems from the fact that Microsoft entered the gaming console business a generation after Sony, leaving it in a situation where a simple numbering system simply wouldn’t do. The company does not want to sell the Xbox 4 when Sony has a PlayStation 5. But the naming convention, based on this specific “series”, points to Microsoft’s new approach to console generations. It is not immediately pushing exclusive software, and is positioning itself to offer more PC or phone-like arrangements, where it constantly issues hardware modifications that all-in-one libraries have access to. (The Xbox All Access also paves the way for smartphone-style upgrade models.) Just how long it lasts remains to be seen, especially if and when Sony decides to launch a PlayStation 6, but right now For, be prepared to deal with it is the idea of ​​calling this upcoming generation “Xbox”.

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