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with Grand Theft Auto 5 Earn more money than any entertainment product. forever, Grand Theft Auto 6 It is an inevitability. However, creating a game on the scale of a Grand Theft Auto the title takes time, and with the videogame industry soon transitioning to next generation consoles, many fans do not expect to see Grand Theft Auto 6 for years This opinion is shared by Jefferies badyst Alex Giaimo, who has reserve investors from the parent company of Rockstar Games, Take-Two Interactive.

Giaimo does not believe that Take-Two's stock price will increase due to this Grand Theft Auto 6 It is far from being released. Giaimo has made the prediction that the GTA 6 the launch date will be sometime after fiscal year 2022. With the next-generation consoles that will not be released until the end of 2020, this prediction makes sense, and it would be surprising to see the game launch before then.

Having said that, some "leaks" have offered much more optimism GTA 6 launch dates, although it is very likely that they are based on false information. For example, there was a "flight" a few months ago that suggested that GTA 6 The launch date would be from 2020, and that the game would serve as a launch title for the PlayStation 5.

GTA 6 prediction of release date

While everything is possible, GTA 6 The launch date in 2020 seems very unlikely. Many more rumors from more credible sources have pointed out that the next Rockstar game will be Bully 2note GTA 6So, if Rockstar releases a video game by 2020, it seems that it would be a more likely candidate.

As to GTA 6It's hard to say when its release date will be, but maybe it will be until 2023. This would be eliminated 10 years later. Grand Theft Auto 5who continues to receive regular content updates and Rockstar support. 10 years between the major launches seems to be becoming the norm for some of the largest open-world franchises of games, since Bethesda said that it could very well be 10 years between Skyrim duck The Elder Scrolls 6 In addition, almost 10 years elapsed between the launch of Red Dead Redemption duck Red Dead Redemption 2.

As long as GTA 6 The launch date is, it is a safe bet that the game will be launched for the next generation platforms. Keeping this in mind, do not expect to learn about GTA 6Its location, history, characters, gameplay or anything else until Sony and Microsoft successfully connect their next generation consoles as soon as possible.

Grand Theft Auto 6 It is rumored that it is in development for unspecified platforms.

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