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What can be Gears of War 5The release date and cover design have been filtered through the official Taiwan scorecard. The date of publication in the profile of the qualification board. Gears of War 5 It is surprisingly early on September 10, although the date was quickly removed from the website. Based on the leak, this is the reason why Xbox fans should wait for an official announcement from Microsoft and The Coalition before or during E3 2019. The possibility of the leak being sent by fax should also be considered. or incorrect.

Gears of War 5 was announced during Microsoft's Xbox presentation during E3 2018, referred to at that time as fair Gears 5. the Gears 5 The ad trailers included an abundant gameplay and impressive cinematic in the engine, although its launch was finally confirmed by 2019. A release date of September 10 would be published in the announcement of the original launch window and would also explain the silence surrounding the development in the following months.

As for filtered art, there are few surprises to be found. It is a fairly standard western box art, which focuses more on the faces of the protagonists rather than offering a deeper look at the game. Kait Diaz performs here at the center of art, Locust Queen Myrrah and Marcus Fenix. Also shown are both JD Fenix ​​and Delmont Walker, as well as a lobster soldier and a mysterious place. It is perhaps the place that Kait is being attracted to Gears 5 trailer announcement.

Little more can be badumed from the art picture, although it is remarkable that the title is in fact Gears 5 instead of Gears of War 5. However, this is not surprising, since The Coalition has officially declared that this was a decision made due to the ongoing brand efforts. There is also a label in the upper left corner of the box that indicates that Gears 5 is an exclusive console for Xbox One, which reconfirms the release of the game on PC.

gears 5 cover

It's been three years since The Coalition was launched Gears of War 4 on Xbox One. Fans of the franchise are probably very excited about a new version of the franchise. Given last year's confirmation of a Gears 5 launch in 2019, today's flight makes a lot of sense. The art of the box, which seems professionally done, adds credibility to the filtration as well. If the leak is true, it is almost certain that Microsoft will make the announcement as part of Xbox in E3 2019, so it is likely to miss less than a month for official confirmation.

Gears 5 Releases in 2019 for PC and Xbox One.

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