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Relay for Life will take place in Minford

The relay for the life of Scioto County is this Saturday, from 6:00 p.m. until midnight on the Minford High School tour. There will be a reception of survivors at the event.

Relay has existed since 1985 and Scioto County has been serving as a lifelong relay since 1998. Relay For Life is a grassroots community team event.

The mission of Relay for Life affirms that it represents the hope that those who have lost cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will receive support and that one day cancer will be eliminated.

At Relay for Life events, no one faces cancer alone We meet every year at more than 3,500 relief events across the country to support and celebrate survivors and caregivers.

Each relay has special events and activities (many throughout the year) only for survivors and their caregivers, so they can connect with others and know that there is a strong support system available to them.

Although each Relay For Life event is different, they have some things in common.

Most Relay for Life events follow a similar schedule as the following:

Opening Ceremony – Time to start. It pays tribute to all those who have been affected by cancer and to all who contributed to the success of this year's relief season.

Survivors and foot carers of the survivor / caregiver are the heart and soul of the Relay for Life events. Honor their strength and courage with each step they take. It does not matter if you were diagnosed 10 days ago or 10 years ago, you can walk while everyone gets together to cheer you up.

Luminary Ceremony – This ceremony represents all the affected cancer with a Luminary. Each light represents a life, a life taken by cancer, a cancer survivor or support for a person who is still fighting the disease. It is a powerful demonstration that gives people the opportunity to cry but also offers comfort and hope.

Closing Ceremony – The closing ceremony is the time to commit to take action and help lead the fight for a cancer-free world It's a time to celebrate what has been achieved together and a moment to unify for the work that must be done.

Every dollar makes a difference in Relay for Life, no donation is too small, every dollar counts. Donations help fund pioneering research on cancer, patient care programs and can make a difference in communities. With each donation, you are helping the American Cancer Society save lives.

On the Scioto County website, they listed the following: "We have raised $ 2,225.50 Our goal is $ 50,000.00.

Once again, all survivors, caregivers and everyone who wants to see what this is about event, depart to Minford High Track on Saturday 6/16/18 from 6 pm to midnight

DD Fe Team at one of the Relays for Life

Participants at Relay for Life Scioto County

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