Relax, Warner Bros. Games is no longer for sale

Warner Bros. parent company AT&T has decided to remove its gaming division from the market, taking a dramatic U-turn. There was speculation that Vishal had shopped around studios like Netherland and Rocksteady, as it attempted to offload its entertainment entertainment business to clear up some outstanding debt.

However, it does not seem so now. In an email to employees, CEO Jason Killer reported that the firm would be undergoing some structural changes, with Warner Bros. Games “continuing to be part of studio and network groups”. He said that while the change may prove that “a lot has to be taken”, he is confident that the company will “successfully navigate them”.

While we don’t yet know what the restructuring will mean for the upcoming Warner Bros. release, we can at least be confident that they will continue to launch on the PlayStation platforms. Previously, there was speculation that Microsoft was buying the division along with the likes of Take-Two, EA and Activision.

The timing is particularly relevant, as Rocksteady recently teased the title of its Suicide Squad, which will be officially announced a little later in the month during the DC Comics program. A fully fledged Harry Potter RPG is also believed to be in development at Avalche Software, while Netherlam is likely to be working on its next big fighter, possibly Injustice 3.