Rejoice, Red Nation! Rockets that house the Game 6 clock party at the Toyota Center


The Rockets hope to fill the Toyota Center with Red Nation members on Saturday as the team is about to advance to the NBA Finals.

The team is opening the center of the Houston arena for a Game 6 observation party. The doors are open at 7 p.m. for 7:30 p.m. start

Each general admission ticket is $ 10, and proceeds from the sales will go to the Santa Fe Strong Memorial Fund.

Rockets fans will be able to see the team "run as one" in Oakland on the Toyota Center scoreboard.

The team also announced that the hometown performs Lil & # 39; Flip, ESG, and Puntin will perform live during the party.

The concessions will be available for purchase, and the neighboring Toyota Tundra Parking Garage will be open for free parking. .

Tickets are available here.

The Rockets enter Game 6 with the advantage of the 3-2 series in the Western Conference Finals and the opportunity to get their first appearance in the NBA since 1995.

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