Regis Philbin said how he will be missed

In 2006, Regis Philbin opened a ubiquitous interview with the Television Academy Foundation to discuss the ups and downs in her career, and the most interesting moments.

The television personality, who died on July 24, 2020, also discussed the topic of how he should be remembered. He has a say here.

Regis Philbin | Nielsen Bernard / Getty Images

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Regis Philbin was laid to rest at Notre Dame University

Five days after his death, Philbin’s family held his private memorial service and burial at his alma mater, the University of Notem Dame. The television icon was cremated in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and is buried in the Cedar Grove Cemetery on campus.

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“Regis regaled millions over the years,” said the president of the university of the Rev. John Jenkins in a statement.

“He will be remembered in Notre Dame for his support for the university and its mission, including the Philbin Studio Theater at our Performing Arts Center.”

Philbin’s ‘Live’ producer paid tribute to former star of the show

Michael Gelman (left) with Regis Philbin
Michael Gelman (left) with Regis Philbin | Ron Galala / Ron Gallala Collection via Getty Image

Michael was the creator of Gelman Live During the years of Regis and Kathy Lee Gifford and Kelly Ripa. He is still an executive producer Live with kelly and ryan. Gelman and Philbin formed a comically combative relationship during their years of working together. Philbin would always yell at the off-the-camera Gelman about one thing or another.

He wrote to EW in July 2020 that “Regis used to say that he and I had a great father / son relationship, but I was a father.” I can not agree more. Even in my early 20s when I first started working with him, he was a naughty pot-stealer and I was trying to keep him out of trouble. “

“[T]Hey broke the mold when they made it. “He was the son I never had and a bonus father in one. I will miss him as a friend and I can only hope that he and Dean Martin are now singing” Pennies From Heaven “together Are, while Don Rickles heckles with bleakers. “

How philbin wants to be remembered

Regis Philbin
Regis Philbin | Bennett Raglin / Wireimage

In his 2006 conversation with the Television Academy Foundation, the father of four was asked how he should be remembered the most. Without missing a beat, Philbin was ready with an answer.

“Well,” he began, “I think No. 1, is a good guy who did his best to give you some laughs and welcome you to his show. A lot of people really, I feel , Don’t care if you like their show or not. “

“I want people to enjoy my bliss and understand what I am doing. This is all I can ask. “

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