Reflections on a loss of 12-4 Rangers.

Thoughts about a loss of 12-4 Rangers – Lone Star Ball

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MLB: Houston Astros in Texas Rangers

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Astros 12, Rangers 4

  • After all, a division of four games against the Astros is not a bad thing.
  • That said, since the Rangers are in the standings, the water is not good enough, at least if the goal is the postseason.
  • It's particularly annoying, given that the Rangers won the first two games and could win the third game, which gives us hope for a change of season in Houston, which brings back memories of 2015. Instead, we had a symmetrical series, with a great victory, a victory of a race, a defeat of a race and, finally, a great loss.
  • Ariel Jurado screwed himself in the strike zone in the first inning, but even so, he did not have much today. He worked to pbad through four innings with 99 pitches, allowing 7 hits and 4 walks, which makes the fact of allowing "only" five runs is something remarkable.

  • Jury was pressed more time than usual because yesterday's game required several innings of the pen, and with the thin pen anyway, Chris Woodward, I'm sure, did not want to go to the relievers until he had to. And with good reason, as it turned out, since Jesse Biddle and Kyle Bird combined to allow 7 races in the seventh inning, turning the game into a beating.

  • Biddle has now allowed 33 runs in 28 innings this season between Atlanta, Seattle and Texas. I did not understand why Texas claimed it, and currently I do not know why it is still on the list.

  • Bird has at least options, and pitched well in Nashville before this final call, although he still has an 8.31 ERA.

  • Willie Calhoun had 2 hits today, and Elvis Andrus, Nomar Mazara and Rougned Odor had 1 each. They also got 5 bases for balls. Surprisingly, apart from a second entry opening, all those hits and rides came in the first or seventh inning. Justin Verlander retired 15 consecutive games from 2 to 6, and the Astros relievers retired 7 in a row to end the game.

  • There is a day off tomorrow for us to reflect on things. Chances are likely, as Hunter Pence is likely to activate on Tuesday. With days off on Monday and Thursday, the Rangers could release a reliever and go with a 7-man bullpen (with Adrian Sampson being the seventh man who does not need a fifth starter for another week), but that just kicks the can in what position does the player have? Go for a few more days. And with Wei-Chieh Huang and Brady Feigl now seemingly healthy, Texas could see some different arms from the men who are currently sitting in the bullpen.

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