Ref Marc Goddard responds to Conor McGregor, clarifies Bellator 187 melee info in Facebook put up

As it seems, referee Marc Goddard’s first assertion addressing the Conor McGregor melee at Bellator 187 wasn’t sufficient. He had far more to say, mainly so he may clear up any confusion.

Following his brief 37-word tweet on Saturday, Goddard right this moment wrote a prolonged Facebook put up to ensure the info are recognized. Goddard shared his message not lengthy after McGregor posted an apology for leaping the cage Friday, which set off a chaotic sequence on the conclusion of the struggle between McGregor’s SBG Ireland teammate, Charlie Ward, and John Redmond at 3Arena in Dublin.

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In his apology, McGregor known as out Goddard for what McGregor “horrendous decision in trying to pick an unconscious fighter up off the floor and force the fight to continue.” Goddard’s Facebook message was, at the least partially, a direct response to McGregor’s declare.

Goddard stated he heard the 10-second warning, however due to the noisy crowd response to Ward’s left hook that dropped Redmond, Goddard stopped the struggle within the remaining moments “with the belief that (the) bell had indeed been sounded.” Goddard helps his declare pointing to video proof that he stepped in with out waving his fingers as if to sign the struggle was over.

McGregor, who wasn’t a licensed cornerman, instantly jumped the cage to have fun with Ward, and all hell broke unfastened from there. Goddard stated he proceeded to react underneath the belief that Round 2 was nonetheless to return and couldn’t make a transparent dedication of Redmond’s situation due to McGregor’s actions.

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“Had I been allowed to make my determination without the interference of unauthorized persons in the cage in the first place then the ensuing melee would have indeed not occurred and normal protocol could have ensued,” Goddard stated. “I then (would’ve) notified all involved and we may conclude the bout formally and satisfactorily. At no level did I try to ‘pick up an unconscious fighter’ [he was not unconscious] and naturally would by no means ‘force the fight to continue.’

“The important point to note here is that the condition and safety of the fighter trumps any and all other decisions. Their ability to be safely allowed to continue in a contest is only ever called by the referee, the person in charge of that contest and the sole arbiter. When I am unfairly delayed or robbed of that opportunity from outside and external sources, it brings not only the sport into disrepute but from my primary role and function of being able to make the right decision, the correct decision that is both safe and fair to the athlete concerned.”

Goddard stated that as a result of he had but to find out the bout was over, his quick aim was to revive order by getting each fighters to their corners for the remainder interval. He additionally needed McGregor out of the cage.

Goddard, although, takes umbrage with anybody who believes he instigated bodily contact with McGregor, pointing to the video to assist his declare. Goddard additionally has an issue with those that consider he had an ax to grind with McGregor due to their prior historical past.

“So to all of you out there who wrongly assumed that I approach Charlie to eject Conor then you are sadly mistaken and plain wrong,” Goddard stated. “The only reason I approach is to tell Charlie to (go) back to his corner as the fight was not over. It’s called restoring order and gaining control – who else was going to do it?”

You can learn Goddard’s whole assertion under by way of Facebook:

After a few days of downtime and reflection I want to supply some clarification on the occasions that unfolded within the struggle between Charlie Ward & John Redmond at Bellator 187. As per typical there may be a lot assumption and conjecture so enable me to clear the up the info and put to mattress the inaccuracies.

The 1st spherical was progressing and passing with out incident and subsequently my involvement. As the spherical drew to a detailed the 10 second warning sounded and that was heard and acknowledged by me. Soon after Charlie Ward linked with a left hand that slumped John Redmond to his knees. At this precise level I couldn’t and had not made my dedication that John was both out of the competition or not within the place to intelligently defend himself.

The punch and motion that adopted naturally resulted in a surge of crowd noise, one which was so important I had already made my dedication that I couldn’t audibly hear the bell sound for the top of the spherical, I had made my determination to step in with the idea that bell had certainly been sounded, when in precise reality it had not. This is a vital reality to the following proceedings.

At this level on my step in, and you’ll clearly see from the video replay that I solely step throughout and don’t wave the struggle off. Charlie Ward, understandably so had reeled off in celebration considering that I had certainly ended the competition and never as I had truly accomplished, known as time on what I believed to be the top of the spherical. Two distinctly completely different endings.

At this level Conor McGregor, who had as soon as once more been stood for your entire period of the spherical in shut proximity of the cage had taken my intervention, wrongly, as the top of the competition and proceeded to leap the fence to enter the preventing space to congratulate what he believed to be his crew mates victory. At this level once more my quick concern was John Redmond who was nonetheless on his fingers and knees and never able to search for and at me, please keep in mind at this level I had nonetheless not formally known as a cease to the competition.

John Redmond was shifting and nonetheless in an apparent daze from the concussive blow. At this level, because of the ensuing confusion and other people within the ring who shouldn’t be, I had nonetheless not determined that Redmond was out of the competition and that I has stepped in to cease the struggle for what I had in the end believed to have been the bell sound. Had I’ve had the prospect to look and assess the situation of Redmond, even in actual time to establish ought to the struggle be stopped then I’d naturally have accomplished so, after all I didn’t.

As I see Conor McGregor within the ring – that is the ONLY cause that I strategy Mr Ward. Conor is of zero concern to me at this level, he “happened to be there” [wrongly] and my intention once more as you’ll clearly see from the video is to strategy Charlie to let him know that the struggle was not at that time formally over, that he ought to return to his nook and look forward to my evaluation and name. Had I certainly ended the bout then the actual fact Conor McGregor was within the ring would have been of zero concern to me and I wouldn’t even have approached them. I’d don’t have any have to.

I used to be speaking solely to Charlie Ward at this level and you will notice me put my arms between him and Conor McGregor, attempting to separate and restore order to inform him to return to his nook and proceed the remainder interval, I used to be attempting to speak with Charlie Ward after which attempting to inform Conor to depart, it wasn’t accomplished but. This is when Conor McGregor started firstly his verbal assault in my route. My solely thought at this level was to inform Charlie Ward, and his nook crew, of my determination on the time and restore order to the preventing space. Also the situation of Paul Redmond after which subsequently bringing within the Dr in the remainder interval to make a dedication. Of course the following mêlée and confusion had fully prevented that from occurring, that’s the results of the actions of 1 man.

Still at this level I had no dialogue with the official timekeeper as order and management was attempting to be saved within the cage. I’ll make zero allowance for what individuals consider to be a referee’s intervention and never a safety or fee consultant’s job. Know this – when a struggle is in swing and within the preventing space then so long as that is occurring and the related events are current and concerned then it’s my accountability to supply the over-riding authority, it at all times had/has and it at all times will probably be so please enable me to first make that categorically clear. Whilst these combatants and all who encompass them are inside the preventing space each earlier than throughout and after the competition then they may and they’re underneath my jurisdiction – make no mistake about that reality. So to the individuals who assume and consider in any other case then you’re categorically and wholly flawed. When I referee it’s my space and I’ll management it.

So to all of you on the market who wrongly assumed that I strategy Charlie to eject Conor then you’re sadly mistaken and plain flawed, the one cause I strategy is to inform Charlie to Go again to his nook because the struggle was not over. It’s known as restoring order and gaining management – who else was going to do it?

People have an odd behavior, significantly in extremely charged and emotional affairs equivalent to MMA contest’s of seeing and believing what certainly has not occurred. There has been the notion and perception of the truth that I had pushed Conor McGregor when this factually and categorically unfaithful – please once more watch the video and you will notice very clearly that I’ve my arms in between Charlie and Conor while attempting to inform Charlie to return to his nook and let me make my dedication, pushing fighters, or anybody unnecessarily so is just not in my nature, or protocol of conduct to take action. It is then once more, clearly, that you will notice Conor McGregor who put his fingers on my chest to shove me, I then flip and stroll away to return and verify on the situation of Paul Redmond.

Immediately behind me Conor McGregor is working after me, incensed that the struggle was not but formally dominated over, attempting to get spherical a fee consultant, that is unbeknown to me and once more in case you take a look at the video he then breaks freed from the commissioner and spherical into my again, it was a light-weight and insignificant contact of no concern to me however what’s of paramount significance right here is the info. The video doesn’t lie. Again at this level I needed to have a look at Paul Redmond and had notified his corned that it was not over, I had known as for what I had believed to be the bell. Conor McGregors actions and ensuing melee of extra individuals with and linked to him, once more with zero want or authority to even be within the cage, had additionally resulted in Paul Redmond being knocked round by the very individuals who have been attempting to make sure his security and effectively being.

It was then that lastly, in a second of respite amongst the carnage do I get to see the timekeeper who tells me that bell was sounded one second after I had stepped throughout. This is when it turns into apparently and simply clear to me that the struggle was now formally dominated and over and Charlie Ward had certainly rightfully gained the struggle, primarily based upon my actions alone.

Conor McGregor was then forcefully ejected from the cage, while nonetheless attempting to get to me and persevering with his verbal tirade and threats, together with “seeing me in Birmingham” [my hometown] Conor McGregor’s threats are of no concern to me. He then circled outdoors of the cage and jumped again up on the cage and when a fee official tried to get him down he struck out to him. The video presents all of the proof that’s wanted. People are mistakenly underneath the idea that they’re entitled to their very own opinion and I’m probably not up for that prepare of thought nonetheless, we are able to argue that one, however what you’re by no means entitled to is your personal info – these will at all times stay unchanged.

It is of crucial significance that this level is known – as soon as I do know that I had stepped throughout and in between the fighters at four:59 [or any time for that matter] then the struggle is formally over and there’s no going again. Again at this level it was categorically clear to me that Paul Redmond was certainly in no state to proceed and the rightful winner was Charlie Ward. Had I been allowed to make my dedication with out the interference of unauthorized individuals within the cage within the first place then the following melee would have certainly not occurred and regular protocol may have ensued. I then notified all involved and we may conclude the bout formally and satisfactorily. At no level did I try to “pick up an unconscious fighter” [he was not unconscious] and naturally would by no means “force the fight to continue”

The necessary level to notice right here is that the situation and security of the fighter trumps any and all different selections. Their capacity to be safely allowed to proceed in a contest is just ever known as by the referee, the individual answerable for that contest and the only real arbiter. When I’m unfairly delayed or robbed of that chance from outdoors and exterior sources it brings not solely the game into disrepute however from my main function and performance of with the ability to make the best determination, the proper determination that’s each protected and truthful to the athlete involved.

I’ve loved an excellent and pleasant relationship over many, a few years with fighters and members of SBGi who’ve at all times represented themselves and the crew with class and respect. I want to thank all of the crew who approached and messaged me instantly. I want you all continued success and luck.
Literally 1000’s of messages acquired too, I recognize your assist and type phrases however that is about MMA not me. I’ve declined each single media/information request to talk publically, these are my very own phrases. I want to thank Mike Mazzulli ABC president and the inspectors from the Mohegan Tribe Commission for the assist.

I don’t want for any additional motion to be taken in opposition to any celebration, particularly Conor McGregor, however in the end that’s solely out of my fingers. I hope that the scenario could be reviewed, discovered from on how we may stop a repeat occasion after which case closed, we transfer on for the great of the game.
I’ve recognized, witnessed and refereed Conor on many earlier events through the years and watched, even in assist of his meteoric rise, talking publically to commend him and supply an perception when others had turned in opposition to him. I’ve recognized Conor earlier than he was the mega star that he’s now, lengthy earlier than he amassed his fame and fortune – the distinction being I revered him the identical and handled him no completely different again then.

The sport of MMA is the larger image right here and is of my main concern and anybody who is aware of me, really is aware of me, will underline that. As I stated on Saturday morning earlier than leaving Dublin – I function with integrity, perception and values – all the time, each time.

I apologise upfront for the prolonged assertion.

My respect and thanks.

For full protection of Bellator 187, take a look at the MMA Events part of the location.

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