Reduction of paper towels: why it is difficult to find paper towels again

Although finding paper towels for sale was not as difficult as finding the first time the epidemic hit the United States, finding them – especially at a common price – is not always easy.
Paper towels are in and out of stock Adventuress (AMZN), Costco (Cost) And local stores. And when paper towels are available, customers may not always get the brand they want.
The reason for the shortfall is the people depositing them: In July, there was a huge increase in the sale of Basau paper tow, Procter and gamble (PG) Reported, as customers swept them off store shelves.
But the shortage can be caused by the way companies are producing paper towels. Lean Manufacturing, in which companies make only as many products as they believe customers will buy on a given day – has taken the blame for the shortfall. Last month, the Wall Street Journal published an article stating “Why are there still not enough paper towels?” Maintaining the operation of the paper towel manufacturers by placing the blame on them to keep costs to a minimum.

Lean manufacturing is not unique to the paper towel industry – over the past several decades, it has become prevalent in auto manufacturing, fast-fashion clothing manufacturers, and many other industries. But when there is a run on a product, there is a shortage. The paper towel makers were left unprepared, as their operations were not designed for an epidemic.

But only lean manufacturing is not to blame, according to the Lean Enterprise Institute, a trade strategies think tank. The group stated that you cannot make a paper towel with only 99% of the supplies needed to manufacture them. As supply chains freeze during the epidemic, paper towel companies have been unable to accelerate production because they do not always have access to the materials they need.

Paper towels are classified as a functional supply chain product, which means that the product is a basic requirement for most households. When demand fluctuates rapidly, as during the Kovid-19 epidemic, there is often insufficient inventory and capacity to meet demand, no matter which inventory management system is used. , LEI note.

When you are lucky enough to get a paper towel, they are not always sold at the normal price. During the pandemic, Adventuress (AMZN) Charged for pricing. It began in early March, when Amazon deleted one million items from the site after it was accused of advertising Price Price or the wrong coronavirus virus.

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