Reds and Reds in teams interested in Andrelton Simmons

Despite paying salaries for a number of offers, the Reds are known in the market for shortstops, and MLB Network’s John Heyman Tweets They are among the clubs that have shown some interest Andrelton Simmons.

This is a natural relationship, certainly, as with Simmons being one of the top three free-agent options. Marx Semin And Didi Gregorius. That trio of free-agent shortstops represents an entire cross-board skill set from which interested parties can choose. Gregorius is the most consistent offensive performer of the bunch but the group’s weakest defensive rating. Simmons is a general defender, but even at his best, only slightly above-average bat. Semian is the most well-rounded of the three and offers the highest offensive ceiling (bedeviled by his huge 2019 season), but his overall track at the plate is more modest than Gregorius.

The Reds have plenty of options to pursue if they intend to add a shortstop, as the trade market also presents some options even after the Mets are acquired. Francisco Lindor. Owner Bob Castellini is willing to spend to meet the need, though to be seen.

Reds effectively dumped Raisel IglesiasAngels pay $ 9.125MM earlier this winter, and they are non-tender Archie Bradley Despite a projected arbitration salary in the $ 5-6MM range. Cincinnati also cut backup catcher Kurt cassali On the heels of a productive trio of the season, and the Reds are reportedly open for business Sunny gray Too. ()Luis CastilloIts name has also surfaced in rumors, though GM Nick Kraal has vehemently denied his availability and has clearly stated that he hopes to be right in this year’s rotation.)

Cincinnati has also been linked to both Gregorius and Semian at various points this winter, such that Rocky has been speculated as a possible fit to finally look fit. Trevor Story. There is no indication that there is any preference for Simmons over that trio and other shortstop targets, but given that he is coming off a pair of injury-short seasons, he may be the cheapest option.

The 31-year-old Simmons was off to a strong start in 2019 before a Grade 3 ankle sprain sidelined him for more than a month. Returning from the injured list, his crime worsened and he was put back on IL only a few weeks later. His already modest strength was nowhere to be seen in 2020, and he missed his third left ankle injury this past season in just one calendar year. Beyond that, his generally superb defensive rating has taken a slide as he navigated those ankle disorders.

A healthy Simmons is arguably the best defensive player in baseball – perhaps the best defensive player of the current generation – but he is also now in his 30s and has some notable injury marks on his recent track record. It is not at all out of the question that if the ankle is healed, he can bounce back with gloves and / or plate, but his free-agent stock has been evident after his outstanding 2017-18 performance Form has taken a fall.

All three of Semin, Gregorius and Simmons have another wrinkle to consider in free agency this winter, as it is unlikely to make a one-year agreement and return to the market the following winter as it might in a typical winter . Next year’s free-agent class will not only include the above story and Lindor, but will also Corey Seeger, Javier Baez And Carlos Correa.

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