Reddit's thread goes viral after the man cancels the wedding because his fiancée almost killed a dog


  • One man explained how he canceled his wedding because his girlfriend almost accidentally killed his dog.
  • The woman had "wasted" her friends at her bachelorette party and allowed the dog to eat "large quantities of alcohol and edible chocolate."
  • The dog survived, but the man said he was so "upset" that he could not look at her, let alone marry her.
  • After sharing the story on Reddit, it went viral.
  • The man also realized that the incident was only the final example of an ongoing problem that made him see that he did not want to marry her.
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A man has divided the Internet after revealing that he had canceled his wedding because his girlfriend almost accidentally killed his dog.

Writing on the Reddit forum "Am I The A ——" (AITA), the 28-year-old man explained that he and his girlfriend had been together for four years and had been engaged for the past six months, but He had had his dog, a laboratory mix of seven years, for longer.

The man described him as "the best dog in existence".

Everyone seemed fine until the future bride had her bachelorette party at her home over the weekend. The boyfriend stayed at his parents' house to give space to his girlfriend, 27, and his guests, but agreed to leave her dog "because she likes to have him there."

But he added that he had told him to put the dog in his room once the party started.

However, it does not happened.

"On Sunday at 5 in the morning I receive a desperate call that something is wrong with the dog," said the man.

"I was drunk, so I told her to take a taxi and go to the emergency vet clinic, when I got there, it seemed like she had not stopped crying for hours and could not even talk."

"Two of her friends were there, so they told me that my dog ​​is alive but that it is not right, I felt sorry for her for a total of 10 minutes while I was waiting for the doctor."

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It was learned that the dog had ingested "large amounts of alcohol and edible chocolate" because the women at the party had left a lot of food and drinks on low-level coffee tables and had not put the dog in the bedroom.

They had not noticed that the dog "went to the city with alcohol and groceries" because they had "lost", according to the man.

"When we got home, I told my girlfriend to pack and leave my house and my life, I told her to tell her guests that the wedding was canceled and that I would tell mine. but he took his things and left, "he continued.

However, it did not take long for the family and friends of the woman to start contacting the man and tell him he was "crazy".

The man addressed his own family in the hope of finding support, but was surprised to discover that they did not take his side: his sister was "horrified" and his godfather thought he had "exaggerated".

"My mom said:" Well, it was a mistake, she did not do it on purpose, besides, the dog did not die! "How lucky I am, huh? My dog ​​did not die … he died ! he said.

But the man maintained that he is "so upset" by the actions of the woman that "he can not even imagine looking her in the eyes, much less spend all my life with her".

He added that this was not the first time that his girlfriend then did something "silly", giving examples of drinking while driving, and leaving the towels and kitchen tables on top of the electric stoves.

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Despite feeling as strong as he did, the man went to Reddit to ask a wider audience if he was being a …

Some people pointed out that if the woman was less important than him to the dog, the man definitely should not marry her.

"I do not think you've loved her for some time and now this is the perfect escape for you," added one commentator.

"It is completely understandable that he is upset, I would also be furious, but essentially canceling their relationship and their future so it was a mistake, even an extremely irresponsible, talk about something else," said another.

And in an update to his post, the man said that he had also realized that the problem was not really about the dog.

"She is negligent and irresponsible, and I do not want to stay and possibly see our son die in a car accident someday because he was texting or forgot to put on his seatbelt," he said.

"I would rather be a —— now that I spend years of my life worrying each time our son is left alone with her." If she had accidentally killed someone while texting and driving, she would leave her too.

"I think I realized that I do not want to spend my life with someone who has such contemptuous contempt for human (or animal) life."

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