Reddit sent AMC and GameStop stock to the moon. Why, and what happens now

GameStop and AMC stock has increased in recent times. What’s going on over here.

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Over the past few months, a bunch of Reddit users have worked to raise the value of the shares for video game retailer Gametop, despite Wall Street investors betting that the company would fail. So far, he has pushed the stock up over 10,000% (you read that right.) He then started spreading his strategy for the film series AMC. And it has worked. In his wake, these online market players have created Wall Street, which is a drama. Full of lambs And Weird internet lingo As big-time investors stand to lose billions of dollars.

It’s a crazy story, told by Tesla CEO Elon Musk and CNBC’s financial commentator and former hedge fund manager Jim Cracker. There is even Michael Barry, one of the subjects of the book and movie The Big Short, who happens to be a major investor in Gametop. It is wild.

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What to do about GameStop’s skyrocketing stock…


Despite the trick Featuring “Crazy” and “Ponzi Scheme” GameStop’s stock has become an epic battleground between Wall Street and Internet merchants, with almost everyone expecting it Almost all of them are expected to fail. The question is when, who and who will lose.

“We’re seeing an event I’ve never seen,” said Jim Cramer, a Wall Street commentator and former hedge fund manager on CNBC, on Monday. And GameStop may be just the beginning. “this is insane.”

It all began last week, when posters on the Reddit Stock Trading chat community r / WallStreetBets pushed shares into the struggling retail retailer. With Wall Street betting against the success of GameStop, investors at WallStreetBets believed they could force a market rally Create demand Where there was little before.

As a result, GameStop’s stock jumped more than 822%, from $ 17.25 a share at the start of the year to $ 159.18 on Monday. It then decreased by almost half, only to rise back to $ 147.98 on Tuesday. And then Musk tweeted about it to his 43 million followers (using) Of course that weird internet terminology), And the price jumped 40% in hour trading. On Wednesday, it closed at $ 347.51 per share, before falling again in rush hour trading.

The Reddit community has also turned its attention to BlackBerry, trying to pull the same trick. So far, he has raised shares more than double to $ 6.58 per share, where he debuted at the beginning of the year. The stock closed at $ 18.92 on Tuesday. On Wednesday, this regular business closed at $ 25.10.

There is also AMC. Reddit targeted that one, also wrote the hashtag #SaveAMC on Twitter. Its stock jumped from $ 2 per share last week to close at $ 19.90 on Wednesday. It also fell into trades hour after hour.

Here’s what to understand about GameStop, AMC and BlackBerry.

how will this happen?

GameStop-Store 610x458.jpg

GameStop is one of the world’s largest video game retailers, but it struggles to remain relevant in the online sales age.

Effectively, the WallStreetBets crowd felt that Wall Street had made a huge mistake. People who were known as short sellers, who were betting on GameStop’s stock, became very aggressive.

The crowd at WallStreetBets felt that if they could create artificial demand for GameStop shares with their own money, they could force Wall Street to recoup its bets, raising prices even higher. And some investors who could not support their bets against GameStop would have to pay even more.

As of Wednesday, the WallStreetBets community had 3.8 million members, although it is nearly impossible to determine how many people are involved in the GameStop, AMC and BlackBerry plans.

What we do know is that all this activity appears to be a “brief squeeze”, where short sellers betting against Gametop are being forced to buy more Gameshot stock to cover their losses. This pushed the price even higher, forcing more short sellers to cover their losses, which pushed the price up even more. Some in the Reddit crowd believe that GameStop stock can reach thousands of dollars due to this mechanism.

And that’s why we’re suddenly seeing GameStop’s value jump.

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How does it work?

When people buy a stock in general, they bet it will increase or share enough profit that they will make more money than they put into it.

Short sellers, or “shorts,” do the opposite. Borrow trades with shares and sell them, with the hope that they can make money if the stock falls in the future.

Imagine that Ian Corp is a public company, and its shares are valued at $ 10. A “small” would borrow Ian Corp’s shares and sell them for $ 10. His bet is that Ian Corp stock will actually drop down – perhaps to $ 4. If this happens, they can buy the shares at $ 4 and pocket the other $ 6.

If Ian Corp stock rises to $ 25, the lender who made the bet possible could push Short to cover his bet. This means buying stocks at a new, higher value less effectively.

When a short is correct, betting against a company, they can make a lot of money. But if they are wrong, they can also lose a lot of money.

Along with the future of the company, there are other options and tools for placing bets.

Monitoring GameStop's share price in mid-January

GameStop stock from 19 January to 25 January.

Google finance

How much money did GameStop’s shorts lose?

The losses appear tremendous. As of Monday, Shorts was thought to have bet $ 3.3 billion against GameStop this year, according to MarketsInsider. About $ 1.6 billion, or about half, of those losses occurred on Friday when the stock jumped 51%.

It is also worth noting that GameStop started the year as one of the smallest companies in the market.

That costs a lot of money

It is, but perhaps also a big indication of how dramatic these moves were, with Gametop sales coming to a halt during Monday’s business because they were moving too fast.

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Will these wild swings not continue forever?

Part of driving this behavior is the popularity of retail investment, or when traders who are not Wall Street professionals buy and sell stocks. Stock trading apps, often at no charge, make it easy for people to jump into the market. And social media has helped people rally together, to buy each other more and more of the stock.

The Wall Street Journal wrote on Monday, “Gametop’s rally is one of a series of market moves sparking concerns among fund managers, some of which have been emphasizing trading stock prices by individual investors.”

How is Wall Street reacting?

Big name trading apps like Robin Hood, Amidst hysteria, Eitred and others have reportedly struggled to stay online. TD Amritrade worked to ban Wednesday Sudden increase in demand, “Out of an abundance of caution amid unprecedented market conditions.”

Nasdaq said it would stop trading on a stock if it found a link to unusual activity on social media. The company said it sees its role as a “self-regulatory organization” to ensure that its markets function in a “legitimate” manner. Nasdaq CEO Adena Freedman told CNBC on Wednesday, “Regulators have to catch up with the technology now available.”

What do companies think of all this?

GameStop did not respond to a request for comment. BlackBerry executives told MarketWatch that it was “not aware” of any reason for the recent trading activity. BlackBerry reached a settlement with Facebook earlier this month over a patent fight, although terms were not disclosed.

Why are the readers doing this?

There seems to be the easy money aspect, which is forcing yourself in and out if you are comfortable with the risk. But some of them are also framing it as a crusade against Wall Street. “We’re at a war,” a Redditor posted on Wednesday. “A War for the Redistribution of Wealth.”

You promised me Elon Musk, how was he involved?

In addition to being a prolific Twitter user, Musk has also recently learned that he can drive people into shares of various companies. He tweeted how much he enjoyed buying something for his dog from Etsy and the stock jumped. Now he tweeted about GameStop, causing more frenzy.

It sounds crazy

this is. And it’s enough to just spin your head. For example, on Wednesday evening the popular chat app Discord banned the VoluntradeBats community from serving them for violating its rules against hate speech and glorification of violence. Apparently, some of the nastier elements of the community had repeatedly broken the rules of Discord.

Around the same time, the group in charge of the VolchairBets Reddit community Barred anyone else from joining, Effectively making it all private.

This appeared to shock investors, who suddenly sent GameStop and AMC stock to dive more than 30% in each hour of trading.

After an hour, the Reddit community was publicly available again, the Denizens formed a new Disord chat group, and Gametop and AMC stock were recovering from their sudden slap. If you put your phone down to watch a movie before doing so, you may have never done so.

Except that you can see that Elon Musk tweeted about how Discord was no longer cool.

Okay, and what about the big man?

Michael Berry himself is an interesting subject. He became famous for betting against the housing market before major recessions occurred around 2007 and 2008. He invested in Gametop, but also said he believed all of this behavior was “unnatural, insane, and dangerous.”

Of course, some members of Reddit say they see this fight on GameStop as their Michael Brie moment, making it all the more interesting.

Should i try to get into a frenzy?

It is always smart to consult a financial professional Before deciding to invest.

Correction January 25 at 5:52 pm PT: Short sale explanations to illustrate how the process works and that there are different ways to place bets against the company’s share price increases.

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