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The Boston Red Sox figure will remain active until this year's Major League Baseball trade deadline, with pitches, both in the rotation and in the bullpen, being the obvious priority based on what happened in the first half of the season.

However, Tony La Russa, vice president of the Red Sox and special badistant to baseball operations president Dave Dombrowski, is not sure that Boston is targeting players with expiring contracts, as the organization is trying to replenish its farm system. and changing a trade for a rent could be detrimental to that cause.

"You're asking me for my opinion, I'll give it to you: I've been out for two years in spring training, observing (prospects), we're definitely stocking the minor leagues again with legitimate prospects, and we do it. deal, "said La Russa on Thursday at" Dale & Keefe "of WEEI, according to the transcript. "But I know there is a strong feeling that this is a good time to rebuild and update our minor leagues so we can continue to make deals in the future, and if you want to try to make a unique deal for a player who is a free agent or something well and give up some prospects, which probably does not make much sense for our club. "

Boston's farm system has been affected in recent years for two main reasons: 1) Many of the Red Sox's top prospects have graduated from the Major Leagues and contributed to the highest level, and 2) Boston has made several deals involving high-level players of high level. .

It's hard to argue with the results, as the Red Sox won 108 regular-season games en route to a World Series title in 2018, more than justifying Boston's aggressive approach to the commercial market. But it is obvious that the club would like to rebuild on the farm, if possible, and is already moving in that direction.

"I'm not the guy who makes the final call," La Russa said. "But I think you have to be very careful, now that you're starting to rebuild the minor leagues, to make a deal that will strip us and the only benefit you get is the rest of the year."

This does not mean the Red Sox will not consider trading for players who will become free agents after this season. As La Russa pointed out, he is simply sharing his opinion based on how he sees Boston's search for sustainable success. Dombrowski is finally positioned to make the final call.

But La Russa's comments are remarkable, especially because Zack Wheeler, a pitcher linked to the Red Sox in trading rumors this week, would be a rent, and the cost of acquiring players in expired deals tends to be lower in terms of prospective capital .

The downside of acquiring a rental, of course, is that you risk giving up a valuable badet for what amounts to two or three months of a particular player. It is a bad aspect if he does not win the World Series later, but sometimes a team must take advantage of those opportunities to put him on top in October.

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