Red Dead Redemption actor crushes God of War rumor about Thor

It has been widely rumored that Red Dead Redemption 2 actor Roger Clark will play Thor in God of War: Ragnarok, but he thinks the rumor is exaggerated.

Renowned Red dead redemption Actor Roger Clark is rumored to play Thor in God of War: Ragnarok. Clark revealed in a new interview that he knows how the rumor started, but thinks it’s a leap to assume he’s playing the God of Thunder based on his origins.

Both Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War released in the same year to critical acclaim. Clark took home the best acting award at The Game Awards that year for his performance as the player character Arthur Morgan, so it’s not hard to imagine that the former cowboy caught the eye of developer Sony Santa Monica and was called in to. change your cowboy hat. by a hammer. Rumors of his appearance as the Norse god began circulating when he shared a post on Twitter that suggested Santa Monica was recruiting developers, but it was more speculation than anything else.

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Although fans probably won’t know the true answer until God of War: Ragnarok releases, Roger Clark addressed the rumors head-on in a new interview with Dan Allen Gaming. “I know where that rumor originated from, it’s kind of funny“said Clark.”For example, with this thing here, someone asked me, ‘How can I get into video games?’ People ask me that a lot, so whenever I see a studio announce that they are recruiting, I share it. I did it once with [Sony] Santa Monica, next thing I know, I’m Thor. That’s all it took! So, I’m not confirming or denying anything, but it’s a little jump, I have to say.

Clark also spoke about a potential Red Dead Redemption 3, saying that he would be surprised if it didn’t happen. John Marston actor Rob Wiethoff said he would return for Red Dead Redemption 3 or any other Rockstar game if you are approached by the beloved developer. Clark is working on other video games, but said he’s not sure how big they will be. It is unclear if Clark is acting coy at the risk of breaking confidentiality agreements. Some eagle-eyed fans found out that he was playing Arthur Morgan years before he could talk about it, so maybe he just wants to avoid a similar incident.

Either way, Clark has the seriousness and screen presence to play Thor. The actor showed his incredible range in Red Dead Redemption 2 and he could easily bring out the God of Thunder in an emotional way, but also intimidating if he is destined to be an antagonist of Kratos. Details are scarce for God of War: Ragnarok, but Roger Clark could be an excellent addition to an already stellar cast.

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Source: Dan Allen Gaming

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