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Red Bull reveals its first F1 car with Honda engine

The winning team of four constructors' championships has moved away from the supplier Renault, for a long time, in an attempt to fight back for the titles, and issued online images of the RB15 on Wednesday morning showing a new color scheme with substantially more red.

Last year, the Red Bull agreement for the brand of its Renault Heuer engines meant that it bore the logos of the watch manufacturer on the nose cone and where the engine cover meets the back of the sides.

Now, the Honda brand appears on the engine cover with Tag Heuer, which continues to support Red Bull despite the change in engine, which came to a position in front of the cab.

The Aston Martin logos continue to appear on the outside of the cab and the rear wing.

Red Bull looks ready to shake his car at Silverstone later on Wednesday, joining the champion team Mercedes on the track.

The junior squad Toro Rosso is also on the track in Misano with Daniil Kvyat driving his 2019 car.

Max Verstappen, who effectively assumes the role of lead driver with newcomer Pierre Gasly, said in a Red Bull video posted before the presentation that he was "very excited" to start after the off-season he had felt "quite long" "

But he said he would avoid setting goals until the opening race.

"I suppose that up to Australia you can not really establish goals," said Verstappen. "He's a little blind, in F1 it's related to the package you receive.

"So, I'm always pretty easy, that does not mean I'm not always going to try to do my best to get the best out of myself."

"But you're so dependent on what you get as a package, you just have to wait."

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