Record for State Shatter Daily Deaths – Deadline

After reporting an unusually low number of daily COVID-related deaths in the last 72 hours, California on Wednesday announced 197 new coronovirus fatalities. The 159 days recorded last Friday is a jump of 20 percent over the previous one day.

State and local officials said the number was significantly lower recently due to the delay caused by a new federal reporting process. As a result, Wednesday’s numbers may increase slightly due to those daily test results.

Two days after the governor announced in his daily news conference that the state’s central valley is a new major area of ​​concern.

While the 14-day average rate of statewide positive testing is 7.5 percent, the rate in the Central Valley is between 10.7 and 17.7 percent. Necessary workers in farms, manufacturing and prisons have been hit particularly hard.

California reported 8,755 new coronovirus infections on Wednesday. That is below the 14-day average of 9,293 daily new cases.

Los Angeles County Coronavirus update: record number of new cases in field report, ‘Higher Death Count Than We Ever Seen’, Amlog

Reported COVID-related hospitalizations increased by 6,939, 43 patients on Wednesday. The number of coronavirus patients in the ICU increased from 37 to 2,012.

The state now has 475,305 confirmed cases of COVID-19 till Wednesday. Resulting in 8,715 deaths. The number of COVID-related deaths increased by 2.3 percent compared to the previous day’s total of 8,518. The number of COVID-19 clinical trial results in California reached a total of 7,517,466, an increase of 99,600. The rate of positive tests in the last 14 days is 7.4 percent. Which is slightly less than 7.5 percent earlier this week.

Meanwhile, the Orange County Board of Education decided Wednesday that it decided – by a 4–0 vote – to seek a court order to file a lawsuit against Gov. Newgin and the California Public Health Officer for making state orders public Prevents from. By having individual classes in schools and resume services on campus.

According to a statement, the vote came during a closed session on Tuesday night.

Lawyers for the board said in a statement that the California Supreme Court has interpreted the California Constitution that California school children have a constitutional right to equal equal opportunities to learn, and the Governor’s order places a heavy burden on California’s most disadvantaged families Will have to.

City News Service contributed to this report.

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