Recap of UFC 218 video: Eddie Alvarez gives Justin Gaethje the first loss with a knee in the third round –

Recap of UFC 218 video: Eddie Alvarez gives Justin Gaethje the first loss with a knee in the third round


Thanks to Eddie Alvarez, Justin Gaethje is no longer undefeated.

In one of the most anticipated fights of 2017, the pair of UFC lightweight contenders went to war on Saturday night on the main card of UFC 218 in Detroit. And Alvarez, a former UFC lightweight champion and less favored by Gaethje, finished "The Highlight" with a devastating knee in the third round.

"The Underground King" out-boxed – and finally overcome – Gaethje, a former WSOF champion for a long time, during the entire fight. Alvarez did very well on the feet, landing at a steady pace. Gaethje did not get the same amount of punches, since Alvarez used better movement than usual, avoiding much of Gaethje's offense, and Gaethje seemed to tire faster than Alvarez. The photos of Alvarez's body were particularly effective.

That does not mean that Gaethje's game was completely ineffective; He landed a lot of shots, too, and stayed hard for most of the fight. He broke Alvarez with kicks in the leg and landed something (it is not clear what) to cause significant swelling in the face. However, Álvarez reviewed everything Gaethje had to offer, and delivered with a knee when there were only a few minutes left in the fight.

What was the highlight of the fight?

This was one of the best fights of 2017, so I want to congratulate the two fighters, but especially Álvarez. It is one of the best lightweights and does not seem to get the respect it deserves. Many people (including myself) thought that Gaethje was going to run for all the former UFC and Bellator champion, and that Alvarez was about to leave, coming out of a contest against Dustin Poirier and loss of TKO to Conor McGregor, but that, Of course, it was not the case at all.

It's a challenge to beat Gaethje, it does not matter to finish it, and that's exactly what Álvarez did. It was not easy, but he became the first man to break Gaethje, and proved that he is still one of the best 155-pounders. And it was not just hardness: do not forget that your skills looked better too!

Where are these two going from here?

The following Alvarez moves really depend on what McGregor does next. If the lightweight champion fights interim titlist Tony Ferguson, then Alvarez could fight Khabib Nurmagomedov if he defeats Álvarez's teammate, Edson Barboza, later this month at UFC 219. If that, for whatever reason, is not over the table, the UFC could run to Alvarez Dustin Poirier, too.

This is a pretty big setback for Gaethje, considering the exaggeration that surrounds him. If he had beaten Álvarez, he would have had a good case for a shot at one of the two lightweight starters. But now, the fighter who is no longer unbeaten returns to the drawing board. The fights with Kevin Lee and Michael Chiesa both work with me.

Look now, later or never?

This was a tremendous fight. Look at it immediately if you have not done it yet.

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