Recap of UFC 218: Francis Ngannou puts Alistair Overeem to sleep early –

Recap of UFC 218: Francis Ngannou puts Alistair Overeem to sleep early


Francis Ngannou did not take long to get the biggest victory of his career in Detroit.

Ngannou, one of the most fearsome fighters in the world, brutally eliminated Alistair Overeem at the start of the first round of the tournament. UFC 218 co-main event on Saturday night. Overeem started very fast, rushing Ngannou in the opening bell and apparently looking for a takedown, but Ngannou was able to reverse and finally break away from the fence. It was not long before Ngannou landed a brutal left hand to put "The Reem" to sleep.

What was the highlight of the fight?

There is no argument here, of course. The fight lasted only a couple of minutes, and the only big moment was Ngannou's coup de grace. He could be the heaviest hitter in the heavyweight division, and despite Overeem's well-known chin problems, he proved it in Little Caesars Arena. Overeem has a great defense, but that did not matter. Ngannou's triumph was ultra impressive.

Where do these two go from here?

Ngannou is getting a shot at the title against heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic. Joe Rogan insisted that this was the case when interviewing Ngannou after the fight, and Dana White confirmed it at the post-fight press conference. There is no way to avoid it; Ngannou is a beast and more than deserves the next crack in the champion.

Overeem was up for another fight, and maybe his last title in the UFC. I'm not sure I can get back to the top after this amazing defeat, especially now that Ngannou is ahead of him. He is still one of the best heavyweights in the world, and we should not be ashamed to lose to Ngannou, but he is still a step back, and at 37, he could give us two more steps.

Look at it now, later or never?

You do not need to spend much time to see the destruction of Overeem by Ngannou, so take a look now.

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