Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson praise Carrie Underwood's comeback at the ACM Awards (Exclusive)

Carrie Underwood certainly has two fans on the A list! The 35-year-old performer returned triumphantly to the stage at the Country Awards Music Academy on Sunday night, singing "Cry Pretty."

The performance was Underwood's first since his fall in November from his home and his facial injury result. Naturally, the crowd loved the return performance of the winner American Idol animating her.

Nancy O & # 39; Dell of ET met the show's host, Reba McEntire, behind the stage, where it gushed over Underwood. [19659002] "I am very proud of Carrie, she has gone through many things and I am proud that she has returned to the stage," McEntire, 63, told ET. "She's a great vocalist, incredible, she has legs to die for, but she's an incredible vocalist."

Carrie Underwood

Also a big fan of Underwood – partner Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson! The 35-year-old singer "Love So Soft" spoke with ET about the recent poll that pitted her against Underwood.

"It does not matter which spectrum, if you are not, 1 you are not 1, or 6 you are not, 6 – as long as you are doing what you love," he said. "I know it sounds corny, it really does, but a lot of people go through bad roads, end up in rehabilitation all these things happen to them because you're just not focusing on what makes you happy, that's what I wanted to focus on – we're mothers, We are CEOs, we're killing him, so that's why he was saying do not do that to us. "


Clarkson added of Underwood: "It's great that she's better."

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