Reality of American Jobs Rebound: Part-time work does not pay bills

This is because he was offered only 15 to 20 hours a week at his employer, a trading company, rather than his pre-full-time position. On top of that, his hourly pay was cut from $ 4 to $ 10.

When her air conditioning broke down earlier this summer, she could only stay in one room, so she and her two children slept together on an air mattress.

“I can go to work, but I’m not making enough to pay the rent,” said Gainesville, Florida. “It puts you deeper and deeper into the hole.”

Thomas, 38, is looking for a full-time job, working from home, but the choice is slim.
“The economy is not where it should be right now,” she said.

Although the nation has added more than 9 million jobs in the last three months, many readers have told CNN that they are only being offered part-time shifts. Others say their employers have cut their salaries.

In July alone, when the economy added a total of 1.8 million jobs, the number of people working part-time increased from 803,000 to 24 million.

“We added more jobs than most people, but the benefits were actually part-time workers,” said Kate Bahn, director of labor market policy at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth. “To me, it means that even if the workers are coming back, it is the jobs that pay less, and the families will be spoiled.”

On a brighter note, the number of people doing part-time jobs but full-time work has dropped to around 620,000.

The state of the economy on Capitol Hill is under a microscope, as lawmakers decide to raise $ 600 federal for unemployment benefits.
Democrats say the job market is still weak, and laid-back Americans still need help. They want to continue the increase early next year.
But Republicans point to the third straight month of securing jobs as a sign that the economy is recovering. They fear that continuing the $ 600 supplement – which, when combined with state benefits, provides two-thirds of the unemployed with larger payments than they received in wages – returning workers to the labor force Will stop you. GOP legalists are insisting on cutting the weekly increase for two months and then providing workers with 70% of their former salary.
Betsy Kroon of North Mancato, Minnesota, can only find part-time work.

Before the epidemic nationwide, Betsy Kroon was talking to a hair salon operator as a full-time writer as a copywriter. The company called him in July with an offer – but only for a few hours a week. He worked two hours in the first week, then 10 hours and then about five hours last week.

Says 40 year old croon She had to move back with her parents to North Mancato, Minnesota, because she could no longer afford her Los Angeles apartment. She resumed for about 200 jobs since March, but only had three interviews in the last month. Only one was for a full-time job – the other two were part-time. He contacted a dozen Tracer posts, but never heard back.

While she is happy to work in her field, Kroon wants to do a job that allows her to live independently.

“I’m taking it because it’s currently available,” she said.

CNN Business’ Anneken tape contributed to this story.