Real World Final Fantasy 7 Remake Infiltration Game Announced

The Final Fantasy 7 remake is a real-life infiltration game that will let players stay out of the first chapter of the acclaimed title.

A real-life infiltration game is both similar to and unlike an escape room. In the sense that the two are made up of a team of real-life players working together to reach a common goal, and the opposite is in the sense that one team tries to escape from a facility, while the other tries to Seeing them sneaking into one. Japan loves making both games based on the popular anime and video gaming franchise, and has decided to do an intrusive style for it Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Intruder game maker Scrapp recently announced that it was doing a collaboration program Final Fantasy 7 Remake. On December 9, on the fourth floor of Tokyo Mystery Circus in Kabukiko, Shinjuku, Scrapp will host an intrusive game Final Fantasy 7 Remake Titled “Destroy the Mako Reactor”. The game will transform players into members of the eco-terrorist group Avalanche and task them with helping Cloud, Tifa and Barrett and bring Mako Reactor 1.

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Basically, participants get to play outside of the first chapter Final Fantasy 7 Remake In real life A maximum of three players will be allowed to deal with the game at any time in the game. To win, players must complete the game within 30 minutes of the start of the mission, and if Shinra’s soldiers shoot them, they will lose time. The full event itself can take anywhere between 40 and 100 minutes. It all depends on the player only. The advertisement below gives a general idea of ​​what to expect from the game.

Sadly, this incident is only related to Japan, so any interested international parties will have to be there already. Or, they have to plan to spend money to get on top of other current costs such as entry tickets. A ticket costs 3000 yen, which is about 30 USD. Those registered for a monthly subscription to Scraps can purchase reservation tickets starting today. Everyone else will have to wait till 16 November. Now for ticket buyers, Scrapp is hosting a promotion that will give them one Final Fantasy 7 Remake Phoenix Down Quill Pain as a bonus.

Fortunately, while the event may be Japan-exclusive, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Not himself. Square Enix has already announced that it has a sequel to the game in development. Exactly when this sequel release remains a mystery, but it should come out faster than Part 1. Meanwhile, those who have not completed Part 1 or want to come back to the world Ff7 One can do this by using the backward compatibility features of the new PlayStation 5.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Now available on PS4.

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