Real-time transmission is a much better way to see the Earth

Satellites in space take snapshots of our earth and send us back for spectacular applications such as maps, street views, etc. … We, addicted to technology, have witnessed our land in images as it has been until now. But EarthNow, a private company, is planning to end that scenario of observing the earth through images. Instead of images, they advise a real-time video experience of the Earth.

EarthNow patched up with some funding companies such as the Soft Bank group, Bill Gates, Airbus and Greg Wyler to complete the first stage of the process of obtaining land shares in live broadcast. The EarthNow CEO promised real-time images and videos of Earth that could last minutes, hours and even days from space.

One can easily see any corner of the earth that leads us to understand our earth more clearly.

Russell Hannigan, CEO of EarthNow, said the firm is preparing to deliver real-time videos of land commercially to government and also personal customers. He said EarthNow will help locate hurricanes and storms before they evolve, including forest fires, volcanic eruptions, illegal fishing and conflict zones around the world.

EarthNow can track the migration of whales, stunning images and videos from the land that could be evaluated from the mobile phone and tablets. This will serve as an important application for humans to connect visually with the earth and to make steps towards the ultimate concern for the land.

For this definitive idea, EarthNow uses a constellation of satellites that have a high number of satellites. CPUs than ordinary commercial satellites orbiting the earth at present. EarthNow also aimed to deliver videos with a latency of less than one second, so the company decided to install high-performance compression hardware on the satellite.

Of course, dozens of satellites are needed to make this possible, which is why Airbus' advanced production line stood out to manufacture some terrestrial observatory satellites.

In addition to the real-time experience, this application helps us, humans, to feel the impact we create on earth.


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