Real Comedians Roast Greg Gutfeld’s New Fox News Comedy Show

The morning after Fox News debuted its deeply unfunny foray into the late-night comedy space, comedian Ron Funches summed up the general reaction with tweeting: “Gutfield Will Be Renewed Because Comedians Hate To Watch Alone”.

Longtime Fox News co-host Greg Gutfeld. The five who is known for such daring comments as downplaying the cost of war, dismissing obvious racism, and shamelessly sucking on Donald Trump, premiered a new show at 11 p.m. Monday night called Gutfeld! Your title evokes Jeb Bush’s failed presidential campaign and the logo design seems to directly resemble the Garfield comics, such as comedian Tim Heidecker outstanding before transmission.

“I’m just as giddy as Kamala Harris explaining to children in cages,” Gutfeld told viewers at the top of the show. “Or Woody Allen hearing about caged children.” From there, he featured bizarre “parodies” of MSNBC’s Brian Williams reporting “from the surface of Mars” (referencing a media scandal from six years ago, how current) and a badly acted CNN mock panel in which two White people accused each one. another to be racist.

Since Gutfeld used his opening monologue to directly attack the great late-night hosts he’s “supposed to compete with,” he accused Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy Fallon of being essentially risk-averse, flattering whiners, and “kidding around.” With Trevor Noah and Seth Meyers “fled together to be dark,” we decided to ask some real comedians to criticize their attempts at “comedy.”

Notably absent from the late-night hosts on Gutfeld’s shit list was HBO’s Bill Maher, perhaps because of the “New Rules” teasing that ends every episode of Real time seems to be his biggest inspiration.

Previous Daily program producer and current Oscar nominee for writing Borat Post Movie—Jena Friedman instantly recognized the similarities, telling The Daily Beast, “It’s like watching a man go through a divorce doing a Bill Maher impression,” adding, “Your impression of Bill Maher isn’t bad!”

“He reminds me of the boss whose jokes make you laugh,” he continued. “I didn’t think it was bad for someone who’s never done comedy … just a little bitter and angry.”

“The fact that something has the cadence of a joke does not make it a joke,” said the former Night show Writer Sasha Stewart added, before also referring to the warm laughter that could be heard in the background. “Sorry for the five employees that make up the laugh track. I know they’re employees because it’s the kind of high-pitched, pained laugh from a person who’s barely paid enough to be there. “

Conan Writer Laurie Kilmartin was reluctant to criticize the “competition” directly, but tweeted this “promotion” for the show before it aired:

And Blaire Erskine, best known for her Twitter videos poking fun at MAGA, mostly had a lot of questions. “Why does he call himself ‘GG’ like he’s someone’s grandmother?” She wondered. “Why do I feel like you are reading your opening manifesto from the teleprompter for the first time? But more importantly, why are you clutching a clipboard with what appears to be a pile of empty file folders?

Former White House speechwriter Jon Lovett, who wrote some of the best jokes from Barack Obama’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner and delivers his own version of a late-night monologue every week on his podcast Lovett or leave it, found some humor in Gutfeld’s claim to be doing something “different” from any other primetime Fox show.

“I love a monologue about being brave enough to embrace the cancellation culture. FINALLY someone is willing to say at 11 what was also said at 8, 9 and 10. Greg will not be silenced! “Lovett told us.” The whole thing is pretty embarrassing. Fox News is evil. ” But then, to a large extent, he added, “I approve of all Woody Allen jokes.”

Anthony Atamanuik, from The President’s Show fame, he was equally baffled by the anti-corporate spiel that took the second half of Gutfeld’s monologue. “It was a confusing walk that contained reference jokes from five years ago woven into a toothless ‘stance’ against social media and corporations that concluded with a helpless, humorless babble of self-importance,” he said.

Others were less willing to give Gutfeld the time of day. Reached for comment, ex Night show Host Larry Wilmore responded with two words: “No, thank you.”

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