Read this before pre-ordering your Nvidia RTX 30-Series graphics card

I know i know The temptation is great, if you’re a DIY PC-building enthusiast who’s tired of stalking your games when you crank them up in “ultra” quality settings. Nvidia’s new RTX 30-series graphics cards are beast. But should you pre-order? I wouldn’t

I find the temptation, though: even though Nvidia’s marketing is slightly increasing their capabilities, you’re going to get solid performance for a reasonable price, even if you’re at the bottom rung, the $ 499 Nvidia GeForce RTI 3070. This card is reportedly faster Compared to Nvidia’s previous flagship, the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is a card that costs $ 1,000, at least at launch.

All this but seals the deal if you are upgrading to anything older than that, especially if your graphics card starts with a number “10” or less. But I’m still going to put my doubt cap on and it’s annoying sound. reason: Do not pre-order new graphics card.

But if i don’t pre-order i won’t get one

I got it. There is an absolute thirst for the new graphics card, as Nvidia hasn’t offered a new line (microarchitecture, really) since the September 2018 launch of its GeForce RTX 2080. I am sure you are going to see some sellout launch day. (17 September), meaning you may have to wait a while to get your hands on the new 30-series card. Okay.

First, we still don’t have the hand, confirmed standard What these 30-series cards can do. Good on nvidia for doing a lot of preparatory work and throwing out Some beautiful charts To show How these new graphics cards stomp previous models. (they are doing Especially recent upgradeers are very annoying Those Who recently overpaid Line to the top 20-series card.) But nvidia’s figures are PR, not real-world performance-testing.

You find yourself waiting for everyone else – journalists and YouTubers alike – to put these graphics cards through your paces. Not only will this give you the best possible indication of how these cards perform in regular situations, but you will learn a lot about those simplifications. “200% faster!” Is not found in the chart.

for example, Will CPU bottleneck Your ability to hit higher frame rates no matter how good yOur graphics card isThe How much extra power will these cards draw when you are playing your favorite game maxim-out? Will these graphics cards turn into miniature space heaters or jet engines when you are gaming? Will do it In the resolution and quality settings you usually play, the cards increase your frame rate to a noticeable degree in the games you enjoy the most? (Hint: you probably don’t need a $ 1,500 graphics card to play Fortnite).

Will the 30-Series Go to Sale Later?

The launch of the GeForce 30-series card comes at a delightful time. It is September; Epidemic-September, sure, but still September. This means that those big ol ‘shopping days are oh-so-near towards the end of November. While you probably won’t see amazing cash deals for Nvidia’s $ 1,500 GeForce 3090, you might at least be able to buy a graphics card and try out some free-games, subscription service for an extra month, others You may need a discount on gear (such as a new power supply), and so on.

I’m not one to say “wait two months to save $ 50,” because it sounds a bit silly, but given In college Because of how close we are to some of the major geeky sales events, it’s worth keeping out for a short time if you haven’t fully convinced yourself to buy a new 30-series graphics card on launch day. And you can see some of the more aggressive-as-usual pricing too…

Don’t call AMD a comeback, it’s been here for years

Big Navi. We won’t announce AMD’s counterfire to Nvidia’s 30-series graphics card until October 28, meaning we have no idea what kind of performance is expected, nor will Nvidia for the AMD 30-series K plans to counter the already aggressive pricing. Graphics card. But these AMD’s first major graphics cards (finally) support ray tracing, you can expect some healthy-general competition.

what does this mean? Even if you are loyal to an Nvidia, I will not buy a 30-series graphics card, unless I can at least see AMD. If AMD’s proposals are compelling enough, then perhaps Nvidia will have to do a little scratching (or price-dropping) to remain enticing. Who knows, maybe AMD’s Radeon RX 6000-series GPU can actually come out on top for performance And cost. If so, you’d be a sucker right now for blowing $ 1,500 on Nvidia’s top-shelf card, if something could be better after just a month of waiting.

Simply put, the latest graphics card generation battle has not yet taken place. There is no reason to upgrade immediately; If you have held it long enough to upgrade, you can handle a few extra weeks. This is a smart move.

Lightning trick: Pre-order anyway, but…

I wrote this article, and even I am Still considering pre-orders for 30-series graphics cards because I don’t want to wait months if I have an inventory issue. If i can’t convince you No Pre-order a new card, I do not commit any crime; However, I suggest you place your pre-order at a retailer that has a great return policy (and no charge).

Nvidia? AdventuressThe B & hThe You’re good to go, assuming you have an unopened graphics card. Newegg? No.

Buy your new Nvidia graphics card if you need to, but sit on it for as long as you possibly can without using it. You still won’t know about AMD’s announcements until we see some leaks before October 28, so I’ll try to close your 30-series order by the end of September.

Of course, now you’re playing everyone’s favorite graphics card guessing game: As long as you’re trying to buy them, how long can you hold the card before it goes out of stock? I’m sure you will realize the demand after Nvidia’s new card launch, which hopefully will help you find out if it is worth the wait or to pull the trigger as soon as possible. Never mind, consider the power of a good return policy, and you may be able to get a better deal later – or a better graphics card altogether.


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