Reactions on social networks: Grand Prix of Azerbaijan

Valtteri Bottas redeemed himself after the disaster of last season and claimed his second victory of the campaign in Baku. Social networks went crazy for that, and we've selected some of the best publications …

Driver of the day

The official pilot of the F1 day was for Charles Leclerc, who started eighth on the grid after crashing into the standings on Saturday. Leclerc managed to get into conflict at the top of the network for a long period for Ferrari. However, it ended more disappointingly for Leclerc, who finished in P5, but the Driver of the Day award will take him home with him.

And you # F1DriverOfTheDay In the streets of Baku, you can find …

Yes it is @Charles_Leclerc #AzerbaijanGP # F1

– Formula 1 (@ F1) April 28, 2019

Ferrari undecided

With Leclerc starting in the middle compound, he looked very strong at the start of the race, but his tires eventually began to deteriorate, and with it his performance. Surely it was time for Ferrari to face the Monegasque driver; but Scuderia's decision to keep Leclerc off track for a period of 31 laps cost him the chance to win his first F1 race.

Ferrari deciding when to face Leclerc #AzerbaijanGP # WTF1

– Iwan Bevans (@IwanBevans) April 28, 2019


Ferrari and good strategy. #AzerbaijanGP # WTF1

– Niels Delplace (@niels_delplace) April 28, 2019

Save a thought for Ocon

Esteban Ocon left Force India, now Racing Point, at the end of last season and is now a reserve driver for Mercedes. Many had asked Ocon to take the place of Bottas in the champions once this season is over. However, the inspired start of the Finns in the campaign has made everyone forget the talented young French driver. Ocon's reaction to Bottas being victorious in Baku …

Esteban ocon after #AzerbaijanGP # WTF1

– youness (@ yoyounes1) April 28, 2019

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