Reaction to the Ohio State Buckeyes victory over Michigan; Michigan man wants to be a horse chestnut


Good evening, subscribers of Bucknuts! There's a lot going on with the Ohio State football recruitment so let's get started! Of course, I will have many more throughout the night and tomorrow.

1) Early Sunday morning I received an article with the reactions of the 15 most important recruits of Buckeyes defeating Michigan in Ann Arbor 31-20 on Saturday. Today I have reactions from several other prospects of the great victory over the Wolverines that kept alive the Buckeyes' hopes of returning to the postseason of college football.

LB Brandon Smith (2019): "Great victory for the Buckeyes, impressed how they fought adversity to win a great victory."

LB K & # 39; Vaughan Pope (engagement): "We've been in the previous situation (Penn State game), so I knew they were going to get ahead." (Dwayne) Haskins did a good job getting into JT (Barrett). He understood what he had what to do and did it. "

OL Darnell Wright (2019): "Crazy, that young field marshal is legitimate"

QB Grant Tisdale (2019): "Surprised of how the state of Ohio continued to fight even when their leader JT (Barrett) fell, Dwayne (Haskins) came in and kept playing. "

OL Doug Nester (2019) (commit): "I thought it was a very close game, they played a difficult game, very exciting."

QB Adrian Martinez : "It's great, in the next big game."

One of the Buckeyes' commitments, tight end Jeremy Ruckert also participated in a big win over over the weekend. Ruckert led Lindenhurst (N.Y.) to a 40-13 victory over Oceanside (N.Y.) to complete a perfect season of 12-0 and win the Long Island High School Football Championship. Look at the future Buckeye in some of the highlights of the game:

You can not do this! I love my team! #RollLindy ??

– Ruck (@ Jeremy_Ruckert1) November 27, 2017

— Michigan man wants to be a horse chestnut


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