R&B artist Trey Songz arrested in AFC Championship game

The police kept Raas and Bee artist Trey Songz in jail overnight, after not following coronovirus protocol at an AFC Championship game in Kansas City on Monday and arraigned under arrest under other rules.

Jackson County Sheriff’s spokesman Levendon Darks said 36-year-old Songz, named Tremine Alden Neverson, was released on Monday. No charges have been filed.

Songs representative, Sidney Margateson, declined to comment on Monday.

Songz is a three-time Grammy-nominated singer. He earned his third number 1 on Billboard’s Top R&B Albums Chart with “Back Home” last year. His other two chart-topping albums are “Trigga” and “Tremine the Album”. He also appeared in films including “Texas Chanshaw 3D,” “Baggage Claim” and starred in “Blood Brother” in 2018.

In October, Songz posted On Instagram, he tested positive for COVID-19. He said that he is taking the disease very seriously and has urged his fans to do the same.

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Kansas City Police said in a statement that fans in the game between Kansas City chiefs and the Buffalo Bills complained about a man who was not following protocols related to COVID-19 and other for fans Code of Conduct Rules, which do not include being disruptive, drunk, or using vulgar language.

The statement did not identify the person as Sonz and did not state what rules he was breaking.

Police said the man refused to follow orders from private security guards at Arrowhead Stadium and was asked to leave. When he refused, Kansas City Police and Jackson County Sheriff’s Office officers were called and told he would be arrested if he did not comply.

Police said he punched an officer and put him in a headlock.

TMZ released a video Monday showed Songz did not wear a mask and clashed with several officers before he was led into handcuffs.

The video does not show how the confrontation started. Some fans can be heard shouting at officers to leave them alone.

At least one officer without a mask appears in the video and others with masks do not completely cover their mouths and noses.

The Kansas City Police told the Associated Press that officers working at the Chief Games “follow all mandates.”

KCPD spokesman Donna Drake said in an email, “He clearly had his mask on before attacking and placing it in a headlock.”

Law enforcement officials said many agencies operate NFL games, making it difficult to know how many other fans were kicked out or arrested on Sunday.

Earlier this month, Songz was set to perform at a concert in Houston But the police shut it down after seeing hundreds of people entering the venue, which should have operated at 50% capacity.

In 2017, Songz was indicted He was asked to end a demonstration in hooliganism with hooliganism and assault of a police officer after he became upset. Officials said that music and speakers were thrown from the stage during the concert.

Songz pleaded guilty in August 2017 to two counts of breach of peace and was sentenced to 18 months of probation.


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