Razor’s new xCloud-ready Kishi controller adds Xbox buttons for $ 20 premium

Razor has created a variant of its shape-shifting Nintendo Switch-esque Kishi controller designed for xCloud, Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, that will let you play Xbox games on demand with a Game Pass Ultimate subscription. The cloud service launched on September 15, but this controller releases today for $ 99.99.

This new version has the same design as the standard Kishi that I reviewed a few months ago, and is still made just for Android devices. (The iOS version of Razor is still on track for a summer release). But this new version has a dedicated Xbox button near the directional pad. When it is inserted, the familiar view and menu buttons flank the left and right edges of your phone. This Kishi variant threw the color scheme of the lathered face button to match Microsoft’s own style. The only other difference to note here is that the purchase of the new Kishi comes with a 14-day trial for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, so you can try xCloud if you want.

When your phone is not inside it, Kishi turns into a small package.

If you only want TL, DR, the Kishi is split in half, with a center-aligned USB-C port for most Android phones (except for the S20 Ultra and any other phone that is 78.1 x 163.77 8.8k Exceeds dimensions) mm), and has a pseudo USB-C port at the bottom edge that allows you to keep your phone charged at all times. Despite the gaudy appearance, it has a comfortable build that doesn’t feel like much of a compromise compared to Microsoft’s own wireless controller.

It is worth noting that the standard Kishi of a razor without Xbox branding costs $ 80, so $ 20 less than the officially announced license today. And despite the price difference, Razor confirmed that the standard model will also work with xCloud. It has the usual Android navigation button instead of the Xbox controller it offers, and the Xbox Nexus button on the pricier Kishi clearly boots right into the Xbox mobile app. But if you can overcome those minor differences, you can save some money. If you already own an Xbox One wireless controller with Bluetooth, you can save even more when you launch XCloud, of course. Even the PS4’s DualShock 4 will get official support when XCloud launches, and you can find one of them for $ 50 or less.