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Razor knives, empty syringes and batteries and old bottle caps: these are some of the things children caught in the middle of the Rohingya refugee crisis are playing.

In a series of photographs, Ed Jones captures the children's toys in his outstretched hands in Shamlapur, Thankhali and the Kutupalong refugee camp in Cox & # 39; s Bazar earlier this month.

Children are part of the 625,000 Rohingya Muslims who fled Myanmar to Bangladesh since August.

The UN says Myanmar forces may be guilty of genocide against Rohingya

According to UNICEF, children represent around 60% of the influx of refugees and are particularly vulnerable to the effects of hunger.

"This crisis is stealing your childhood," Anthony Lake, Executive Director of UNICEF, said in a statement in November. "We must not allow him to steal his future at the same time."

On October 2, 2017, a drawing of a Rohingya boy, Abdul, revealing the terrible experiences he suffered while fleeing from Myanmar to Bangladesh, to children friendly space in the improvised refugee camp Balukhali in the Bax district of Cox in Bangladesh.

UNICEF / UN0126672 / Brown

Jones said he focused on children's hands instead of traditional portraits because he wanted to "focus on the details of life in the fields that were missing in the other photos"

He said that the razor blade, the battery and the knife were the worst of the "toys" he saw.

"The imagination of children is a magnificent thing, but no child should ever resort to playing with elements like these," Jones said.

"I hope [the pictures] will demonstrate the bad conditions that children face, and how this catastrophe has consequences that pervade the whole way into the hands of the next generations."

Khairul Amin, 6 years old , holds a piece of plastic that he uses as a shovel to play in the sand in the refugee camp of Thankhali.

Mohammad Rafiq, 8, holds a toy whistle.

Halima Khatun, 6, holds a whistle and a razor blade with which he was playing.

Mohammad Shahed, 4, has a battery that he disarmed and was playing in the refugee camp of Thankhali.

Mohhamad Hussein, 10, holds a discarded syringe he was playing with.

Unnamed migrant child holding a toy spin in the Kutupalong refugee camp in Cox's Bazaar.

Isha Rab, 5, who arrived in Bangladesh in September, holds a handmade rope of cloth that she uses to play.

Mohammad Arafath, 4, holds a mini toy trumpet in the refugee camp of Thankhali.

Abi Asad, 3, holds a spinning toy in the Shamlapur refugee camp.

Mohammad Sadek, 5, holds a plastic "shaker shaker" he found discarded in the refugee camp of Thankhal.

Shahidul Amin, 5, has a part of a bottle he uses to play in the sand in the Thankhali refugee camp.

[19659002] Abdul Hafez, 5, holds bottle caps that he uses to play a game called & # 39; Medakhela & # 39; in the Thankhali refugee camp.

Saiful Islam, 9, who fled Myanmar three years ago, holds a toy gun in the Shamlapur refugee camp.

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