Razer Phone will get new features from the camera, improvements through software updates


The Razer phone has only been available for less than a week, and has already received some praise for its gaming capabilities. However, the Razer Phone's dual cameras have been less than stellar, so Razer will release some software updates to improve its performance.

"The RAZER phone uses an 8MP front camera and dual 12MP rear-facing cameras with image fusion.While we focus on making sure it is an amazing camera for the Razer phone, we are constantly testing, optimizing and improving our camera software, "said Razer co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan on his Facebook. submit. "While the camera hardware and sensors are phenomenal, we are focused on improving software performance, specifically the performance of the camera application in the short term."

The Razer CEO said the Razer Phone team will focus on improving the shutter speed of dual cameras, while updating the low-light performance of the cameras. Tan added that "many other optimizations" for the camera software are also on the way. Without giving any specific timeframe, the Razer CEO said that these software updates will be released progressively over the next few weeks.

One of these updates was launched last Friday, when the Razer phone was first launched. That particular update improved the stability of the camera application and added changes to the user interface to make it more accurate.

So also mocked that the Razer phone will have some new features of the camera in other future updates. One of the new features that he mocked is the addition of a new "instazoom" button. The button will allow users to jump immediately to the optimum zoom of the secondary telephoto on the Razer phone. This function is very similar to the 2x button of the camera application of Apple's iPhone X, iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus. Tan said that the new feature of "instazoom" was actually requested "by almost all reviewers".

The CEO also said that it is "very likely" that they will add a 4x slow motion video recording to the Razer phone. Unfortunately, Tan did not specify when it will be available.

The Razer phone will also receive the Android Oreo update in early 2018. Along with the Android update, Razer will add more camera features to the Razer phone, including the portrait mode and 60 frames per second of video recording . Portrait mode will probably allow users to add artificial bokeh (blur) to the captured images, which is a feature already found in Apple, Samsung and Google smartphones. Finally, Tan also said that additional speed improvements to the Razer phone camera will also be presented along with the Android Oreo update.

The Razer phone was first announced in early November and went on sale on the 17th starting at $ 699. The Android smartphone was widely praised for its 120Hz LCD screen, which is exceptional for games. It was also praised for its incredibly noisy double front stereo speakers and its large 4,000 mAh battery.

However, the dual cameras on the Razer phone have been the only major problem that most critics have pointed out. Digital Trends described the shooter on the phone as "mediocre at best," while Droid Life said it was an "extremely poor experience." With software updates on the way, hopefully opinions about the Razer phone's cameras will change. [19659002]

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