Raya And The Last Dragon Will Not Screen In Cinemark Theaters

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To be clear: Yes, we still encourage you to enjoy your movies on the security of your own home. Still, we know that there is Some who plan to hit theaters this weekend. If you head to a Cinemark-affiliated theater, there’s a movie you won’t see: Disney’s Raya and the last dragon, which will launch worldwide and on Disney Plus on Friday, March 5.

For Term Y EW, Cinemark Theaters announced their decision to skip the premiere on Wednesday, citing an issue with Disney’s strict licensing terms in a statement.:

“In today’s operating environment, we are making short-term booking decisions on a discreet, film-by-film basis, focusing on the long-term benefit of exhibitors, studios and viewers. While we are in discussions with The Walt Disney Company, we have not yet reached acceptable license terms for Raya and the last dragon. As we continue to work with our studio partners, we remain optimistic that we will reach mutually beneficial terms that will provide viewers with the opportunity to see exciting film programming in our theaters. “

Like other theaters, Cinemark has struggled to regain its balance during the pandemic. Hybrid film launch plans by people like WarnerMedia Y Supreme They’ve only made things even more complicated with shorter theater windows and changing license terms, some of which may fall outside the tight budget of a theater company. If a studio refuses to compromise on its terms, it could lead to more decisions like this one, a consequence that means little to a giant corporation like Disney, but which could have a greater material impact on a theater chain’s ability to prosper. Disney has not commented on Cinemark’s decision. But how Term notes, there is still a chance that the two sides will reach some kind of common ground in the eleventh hour.

Raya and the last dragon stars Kelly Marie Tran, Awkwafina, Daniel Dae Kim, Gemma Chan and Sandra Oh. This is what Danette chavez had to say in his recent movie review:

Although it was in production years before the pandemic changed everyone’s way of life, Raya And The Last Dragon really does feel like Disney’s first blockbuster of the COVID era. Accidentally or not, this lavish animated production resonates with the collective pain of the world it’s being cast into, inviting everyone to sit in that pain, even as it hints at brighter days to come. Directed by Don Hall and Carlos López Estrada, along with co-directors Paul Briggs and John Ripa, the film remains very much a Disney princess story (with nods to a Disney acquisition). But with his muted palette and infusion of Southeast Asian cultures, Raya also brings some innovation to that framework, while also raising some of the questions we’ve all asked ourselves as infection rates and death toll increased : How did we get here? And how do we find the way out?


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