Ray Fisher confirmed that he had been removed from the Flash movie

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Fight between Justice League Star Ray Fisher and DC Films President Walter Hamada another… WHat, braid? Nadir? Compelling Conflict of Conflict? take your pick Tonight, as Fisher announces that he has been formally removed from a planned appearance as Victor “Cyborg” Stone , Andy Muschietti has long been pointing Chamak Movies. It comes, not completely unApparently, Fisher did late last year after a statement in which he Said he would Refuses to work in any of the films Hamada produced, And Hamada’s still firmly tied In dc films, So yes.

In a long and passionate Twitter post, Fisher put his issues with Hamada in his clear language to date, In a phone call in June, accusing him, The former DC Films chief Geoff Johns, who has accused Fisher, along with producer John Berg and director Joss Whaden, of deliberately trying to ignore and minimize problems, Casteism And during abusive behavior Filming of Justice League. This phone call — which also included Fisher’s description, “a tasteless self-conscious joke about Hamada,” which Fisher was hoping not to end on Twitter—The origins of Fisher’s later claims seem to have been that Hamada happily threw up [Whedon and Berg] Just under “John’s side, Joe Warner Bros. statement in September had troubled itself.

Obviously most of the above This long and often informally obscure story contains old news. Here’s where things get a bit juicier, though: Fisher accused Hamada of deliberately covering up Johns’ behavior, including allegations of tampering with a long-running third-party investigation into the filming of the film, which concluded last month, but which we publicly Could not get details. In his statement, Fisher – who is believed is See the conclusion of the investigationClaim investigation “Was able to highlight Geoff Johns’ racist, coercive, discriminatory, and vengeful behavior during his tenure with WarnerMedia’s associates,” as well as claiming that it “in a more rapid manner between WarnerMedia and Joss Whedon Served. ” Again, we have not seen any results of the investigation – all we got at the time was WarnerMedia. “Remedial action” Had been takenBut the timeline Does Loose map Whaden Abrupt departure His hbo max series The never In late 2020 in late November.

Fisher ended his statement by declaring Hamada “unfit for leadership” and announced himself to be ready to take a polygraph to back up any of his claims. WarnerMedia and DC Films have not responded yet – or even confirmed that Fisher is out of the film yetAlthough they want Reportedly working on a plan to write him out Flash For a while.


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