Ravens vs. Browns final score: Lamar Jackson defending Cleveland as derogatory statements from Baker Mayfield

The Baltimore Ravens spent the past seven months in a disappointing playoff loss to the Titans. He took out all those frustrations Sunday afternoon over rival Cleveland Browns. Baltimore jumped out early on Cleveland, falling in the first point of the fall by wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and continuing the attack through the end of the game, 38-6.

Outside of a poorly thrown touchdown pass to tame Mark Andrews, quarterback Lamar Jackson was once again dazzled. He threw only five incompletions and used his scrubbing opportunities to dance around the competition. Wide receivers Marquis Brown and Andrews were superb against an empty Browns secondary.

There were very few bright spots for Cleveland. Wide receivers Jarvis Landry and Tight and David Nokoku were targeted, but as a whole, the team struggled to create separate zones.

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