Rare tornado caused limited power outages in Maine

Central Maine Power says around 400 customers lost power due to Saturday’s rare tornado, which landed in rural Oxford and Cumberland counties and uprooted and uprooted trees on a 5-mile road.

Power has been restored.

Maine’s first confirmed tornado in over three years unfolded near or above the Barker Pond in Hiram just after 3:30 p.m.

There were no injuries or deaths caused by the storm. The tornado uprooted or split numerous trees, tore a metal roof off a building and was caught on video at various locations, according to a statement released Saturday night by the National Weather Service in Gray.

On Sunday, a spokesman for the weather service said it has received similar reports of fallen trees caused by the tornado since it released its report on Saturday. The type of damage, although not severe, continued to support the conclusion that a tornado had occurred in winds of up to 80 mph. The tornado received an EF0 rating, the lowest rating on the improved Fujita Scale, which represents tornadoes with a maximum wind speed between 65 and 85 mph. The fiercest tornadoes are considered EF5, with top speeds in excess of 200 mph.

Sheriff’s departments in Oxford and Cumberland counties reported that they did not receive any calls for assistance due to the tornado.


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