Rare blue moon to brighten the night sky on Halloween 2020

An undated file image shows a full moon in the night sky. (Photo by: A&G Reporter / AGF / Universal Image Group via Getty Images)

Halloween night will be extra scary this year, as a rare lunar event is scheduled to illuminate the night sky – and it only “happens once in a blue moon.”

A full moon will appear on October 31, 2020, the Farmers’ Almanac said. Such an event on Halloween happens every 18 to 19 years, so it will be an extra-special spectacle on a periodic basis.

It will also be the second full moon of the month, and is, therefore, called the “blue moon”. It will not appear in blue, however. The name is given to the second full moon to be displayed in a calendar month, according to the farmers’ almanac.

The first full moon, called the “harvest moon”, will appear on 1 October.

To add to the rarity of Halloween night, a blue moon occurs every two and a half to three years, according to the farmers killed. It will reach peak light at 10:51 pm ET on Halloween, but will also appear full that night, added periodic.

After 2020, we’ll see a 100% -based Halloween full moon next year in 2039, 2058, 2077 and 2096, Farmer’s Almanac said.

The next full moon in 2020 will be November’s “Full Beaver Moon” after Halloween.

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This story was told from Cincinnati.