Rapper busted after bragging about cheating government in music video

Federal prosecutors said a jerk rapper in Los Angeles has been busted after rapping in a music video about fraudulently “getting rich” to receive COVID-19 unemployment benefits, federal prosecutors said.

According to the US Attorney’s Office for the Central District, 31-year-old Fontrell, who went from the “Nuke Bizzle” stage on Friday to apply for a $ 1.2 million COVID-19 unemployed relief fund in a scheme using stolen identities Antonio Baines was arrested on Friday. Of California.

Prosecutors said prosecutors accused Bain and his co-conspirators of fraud, obtaining at least 92 pre-loaded debit cards in the names of others, including victims of identification.

Prosecutors said they were then sent to addresses that Baines had access to in Corrietown and Beverly Hills.

In the post on Instagram, the rapper repeatedly claimed about California’s ability to defraud the Department of Employment Development.

Baines also shared a music video titled “EDD” on YouTube, in which he raps about being “rich with EDD”.

In the video, he points to a stack of EDD envelopes and confirms being rich by “going”[ing] According to the prosecution, the bank has referenced a debit card issued in the plan “- possibly with one of these stacks.”

“Unemployment is so sweet. We had 1.5 land this week, “Bain said in the video, while another rapper said,” You sell cocaine, I can just file a claim. ”

Bains faces three felony cases of access device fraud, aggravated identity theft and interstate transportation of stolen property in connection with the scheme.

If convicted on the charges, he will face a jail term of up to 22 years,