Rapper Busta Rhymes marks dramatic weight loss changes in new pics

Iconic rapper Busta Rhymes took to social media to show her dramatic weight loss before and after photos shared on Instagram.

In the picture before being untouched, 48-year-old Rhimes can be seen posing in underwear with a clear belly. After Pick seems fresh, and sees him taking off his shirt to show off some incredibly defined abs.

“Never make yourself live !! Life bugs right now !!!” He said in the caption. He also stated that his forthcoming album, “Alley 2 the Chariots of God”, was one of the motivating factors for losing weight.

“My dedication is different! I will not get out in any way and be in the best shape of my life !!” he said. “I keep myself safe and I know a lot too !!! I am only going here !!”

Subsequently, Rhimes thanked a dream team of fitness gurus for help and inspiration along the way. He tagged trainer Victor Munoz, personal chef Chef Delchi and competitive bodybuilders Dexter “The Blade” Jackson, Kai Green and Victor Martinez in the caption. He also tagged the peloton and weight watchers in the photo, as well as admitting that he helped them with the change.

Many fans, followers and friends took to the comments section to congratulate the “Touch It” rapper, who recently competed on the most recent season of “The Masked Singer” on Fox.

Competitive bodybuilder Flex Wheeler commented, “I’m not even surprised that what you’ve been achieving for decades is purely because of your strong self-confidence, discipline and perseverance.” “It is truly an honor to listen and pose to your music. It has truly been a blessing to know you as a friend. You have inspired millions around the world and you continue to do so even today Are. / King. “

Rhimes told a fan who congratulated him, “Let’s keep it going and keep it moving!”

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