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Ranking The best Netflix shows you can broadcast right now


During the weekend of December 2, Streamline recommends "She must have it" in the first place for the second week in a row.

Critical reception for the new Spike Lee project has been considerably more mixed since its initial release. The show debuted during Thanksgiving weekend and critics may have rushed to receive positive praise at the critical moment before recess. But even with the most varied reception, the project is still unique and exciting enough to prove it.

"Godless" also debuted last week and has received more positive press since its first wave of criticism. The show is a little slow, and to see it you must have a great tolerance to the long shots of the horses. Like so many horses. But this is a very fun project with a lot to say about the contemporary cultural problems of the West in the past.

The German program "Oscuro" debuts this week, although they may not know it given the scarce amount of press surrounding the launch. Maybe after a long 2017 of Netflix's relentless debuts, the projects finally start to get a little lost. Many stories about the show now relate it to "Strange Things", since the two shows have some similar plot points. (This could also be a trend in publications that notice that the headlines with the words "Strange things" tend to work better, depending on the traffic)

"Dark" is undoubtedly an interesting project, but with so many, very many projects on Netflix, it's hard to imagine that you're already stuck in them. This is not something that is worth leaving everything and start.

As I mentioned last week, it's strange to write about programs like "Alias ​​Grace" and "Lady Dynamite" right now for TV. In another year, these would have been projects of great importance, but now they seem to be completely forgotten after debuting just a few weeks ago.

Netflix seems to be making a big bet that if they produce all these great shows, then they will get some mega-hits that will probably take hours of your week no matter what. But if the vast majority of its great shows simply get lost in this vortex of new content, nothing will even have the opportunity to explode.

Slowdown, Netflix!

Under the program's recommendations, Streamline includes a suggested documentary, as well as a list of other shows and films that join the service this week.

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