Rangers top Sabers on Alexis Lafrenier’s OT goal

So Alexis Laffrinier dribbled overtime game-winner and Igor Shusterkin recorded one key save after another.

What first six games?

Man, did the Rangers need it. Man, the Rangers took a 2–4–1 lead for the first two on Saturday against the Penguins, 3–2, in their four-game losing streak to the Sabers 3–2 at Buffalo on Thursday.

It was a combination of Laffrinier and Sesterin that topped the charts, making it perhaps a little sweeter, though the club has occasionally received performances from prime-time Artemi Panarin, Mika Jibnejad, Pavel Buchaniewicz and a supporting cast and sometimes Also did not take their collective eye in hand.

Of course, though, Cork popped up primarily for the Lafreenier, who went six games and 62:47 of his seventh before recording both his first NHL goal and the first NHL. Liftas beat Ulemark with a left snapper with a nifty. Two-on-one feed from Colin Blackwell.

Alexis Laffrinier won over the Sabers after scoring the game-winning goal in the Rangers' 3–2 OT win.
Alexis Laffrinier won over the Sabers after scoring the game-winning goal in the Rangers’ 3–2 OT win.

The night was overshadowed for that first-overall Ping Pong Ball Kid, previously denied by Ullmark with several great opportunities, including one from the left doorstep in the first minute of the third period, with the Blueshirts taking a 2-. Gained 1 lead. Lafreniere had four shots on five attempts in 15:00, mainly on a 1A line with Zibanejad and Buchnevich on a lucrative job.

“I had great chances and I was just going and going to make sure,” said Lafreniere wearing a Broadway chapeau, who appeared to be older than the 19-year-old himself. “I kept going, grinding, and was like an open trap but a good pass by Blackie.

“of course it is [a weight off my shoulders]. I saw the puck go in and all the boys are jumping on the ice. This was a very special moment. “

Lafreniere may have been kept off the board in his first six matches, but he was engaged in line, while going line by line as one of the thousands. His work policy and commitment were unquestioned. So was his popularity among his peers.

And yes, that was his skill level. It was clearly only a matter of time for the boy from Saint-Eustache, and the buffalo had a 2:47 time of overtime on January 28, 2021.

“Obviously everyone talks about his world-class talent, but this guy is a very big kid, he really is,” said David Quinn. “I don’t care if he’s the first pick or the 271st pick, he’s a bolly kid, a kid you want.

“He was very funny with the fact that he has become a snake, he probably should have scored four goals tonight but for him to get his first in that moment, in that situation and under those circumstances, I’m happy. Couldn’t be for him. His game was coming, he was playing better and better every night, so it’s great to see. “

The Rangers played with passion and commitment to run this game on the scoreboard everywhere for 60 minutes. He was a timely controlled under par for hash, controlled play for innings and was attentive in his work without the puck in both neutral and defensive areas. He held a 24-9 advantage in shots through two periods that was reflective of the game as a whole.

But after taking a 1-0 lead in the first, the Sabers tied him. And after taking a 2–1 lead in the third, the Sabers tied it again on the power play at 4:47. In their final four matches, the Rangers gained a two-goal lead and, by a six-goal lead. He was firm in this after the buffalo was tied up by Buffalo with an important reason.

Indeed, the 25-year-old Russian, who was pretty average through his first three matches, set the tone with a big time save from the slot over Victor Olofsson in just two minutes of the competition. This was important for both the goalscorer and the team with decisive confidence.

Through a translator, I said, “I did my best and it was a saving for the team.” “The team worked very hard and as a goalkeeper I wanted to support the team and do a fantastic job in the net.”

The support came out of the trap again, back and forth. But the night was reserved to come out of Lafreniere’s party. They waited seven games after waiting for three extra months to be drafted, with the pandemic denied the opportunity to mount the stage in Montreal as first-overall.

“If anyone is equipped to handle it …” Quinn said. He said, “She never bothered nor disturbed him. It just speaks to her mental fortitude and tenacity as a human being.

“Obviously he has got a lot of talent, but there is a lot that goes into it. He has got those qualities and if anyone can handle these situations, it is him. “


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