Rangers to Sin Kohei Arihara

The Rangers are tied with the right hand Kohi Arihara, Ken Rosenthal of Athletic (Twitter link). This is a two-year contract in the $ 6-7MM range, Mark Fiensand of MLB.com (report)Via twitter).

Arihara, 28, has spent the last six seasons with Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters of Nippon Professional Baseball. In 836 career innings at Japan’s highest, Arihara compiled a 3.74 ERA with 6.7 K / 9 against 2.1 BB / 9. He is particularly productive over the last two years. Arihara posted a minus 2.46 ERA in 2019 with a career-best 8.8 K / 9. This past season, he managed a 3.46 score with 7.2 K / 9 in 132.2 innings.

Writing for Baseball America on the heels of Arihara’s peak season in 2019, Jason Coskre stated that the right-hander works in the 90s and is primarily bent on his fastball, changeup and slider. Arihara has seven different pitches in his arsenal, however, and Coskre notes he is barring from using his secondary to counteract the balance. He also has a long history of throwing strikes, not more than 2.2 walks in nine innings pitched in any of the last five NPB seasons.

Arihara is not particularly known for its excess of raw materials, and it originated in their relatively low strike rate. Shun Yamaguchi, Who had signed a similar contract with the previous offspring with the Blue Jays, posted a hetier strike total than Arihara consistently during his time in Japan. Still is Tomoyuki SuganoHigh-profile NPB starter available for MLB teams through the posting system this winter. This may suggest more favorable for Arihara behind the rotation, although he is a good opportunity for an innings in Texas.

Kyle Gibson And Jordan Liles Will likely disappointingly try to bounce back from the 2020 season. Dan Dunning Will definitely get a rotation job after coming from White Sox Lance Lynn business. Beyond that trio there is a lot of uncertainty among (even more), though. Colby allard Knocked around last season and has yet to establish himself as a big league caliber starter. Kyle Cody, Who never worked more than five innings, was the only other player on the roster to start multiple games for Texas last season.

In addition to Arihara’s salary, fighters will have to pay a release fee under the terms of the Rangers MLB-NPB posting system. Fighters will receive an amount equal to 20 percent of the contract price. Depending on the specific terms of the contract, that would place the posting fee in the $ 1.2MM – 1.4MM range. Texas total outlay is about $ 7.5MM, Evan Grant of Dallas Morning News listens (Via twitter).

The Red Sox and Padres were the other finalists allegedly bidding on Arihara, whose posting window was scheduled to end tomorrow. San Diego and Boston will now have to turn elsewhere in their hunt for extra rotation depth.

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