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Randy Travis apologizes after the DWI video shows him naked, angry

Country singer Randy Travis is "deeply apologetic" for his cursed insults to officers who arrested him for driving while intoxicated on a Texas highway five years ago, Travis and his lawyers said on Tuesday.

Travis, however, continue his fight in court against the state of Texas regarding the publication last week of the video of the police dashcam camera, according to a statement from his legal team. He argues that his civil right to privacy was violated by the statement.

Police video of a naked and ranting Travis was released on Friday after a federal judge in Texas denied his request to keep him private.

Fox TV's KXII affiliate in Sherman, Texas, tweeted the video Monday night. The celebrity news website TMZ released a screenshot of the video on Monday afternoon.

Travis is a singer of the Country Music Hall of Fame and winner of the Marshville Grammy in Union County. He suffered a stroke in 2013 that left him with limited ability to speak.

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News organizations filed applications for the Texas Public Information Act for the video of the arrest video camera. Travis's legal team appealed, beginning a five-year legal battle that ended Friday when the video was released from the video camera, KXII reported.

Travis's family filed a federal lawsuit in Texas arguing that the images should be considered private in a state of health Register privacy regulations, according to the Associated Press. The federal judge ruled that Travis did not demonstrate a high probability of success in the claims.

His wife, Mary Davis-Travis, was also denied an application to sue on her behalf by the federal court, according to the AP. [19659002] Travis's lawsuit said that the footage, which according to legal records shows him naked, disoriented and threatening the officers, was very shameful and intimate and that it would not be appropriate to publish it because "he can not speak with courage or even he is in a position to discuss, and less defend, his previous actions, "the AP reported.

The Texas Attorney General agreed to draft certain portions of the images because Travis was naked. The Charlotte Observer filed an application for the Texas Public Information Act this week to obtain a copy of the video.

In his statement on Tuesday, Travis's attorneys said his behavior "was extremely disrupted the night of his arrest because of mental health and the substances in his body, which causes him to do and say things that were Completely out of place, he suffered a severe concussion and suffered numerous other injuries from the accident.

"Randy Travis is known to be a caring and attentive person who is respectful to everyone, a video that shows everything else, just underlines that he was not himself at all … ", said the statement." A man of integrity and good heart, Randy does not approve or tolerate this kind of actions that distort the true beliefs of Randy Travis and his whole family "[19659012]
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