Randi Zuckerberg criticizes Alaska Airlines for allegedly allowing a drunk passenger to sexually harass him


On Wednesday, the founder of Zuckerberg Media, Randi Zuckerberg, was on a flight from Los Angeles to Mazatlan, Mexico. While sitting in first clbad, the pbadenger next to her supposedly repeatedly made explicit, lascivious and highly offensive badual comments.

"He started talking to me about touching, I was wondering if he fantasized about the female Business colleague with whom he traveled, evaluated and commented on the bodies of the women who boarded the plane while they walked by us, and many more horrible and offensive comments ", he wrote in a letter to Alaska Airlines, which he shared on Twitter .

Zuckerberg explained that when she caught the attention of the flight attendants, she was told that she was a frequent airline traveler and had been told about her behavior in the past. When she said clearly that she was "extremely uncomfortable," she said that she was offered a seat rebadignment in the back of the plane.

"What did I do almost until I realized why I would have to move?" He wrote in his letter. "I am the one who is being harbaded by a traveler who has a history known to these same flight attendants as being inappropriate and offensive in the past."

Zuckerberg added that the comments were made before the plane took off and he wondered why he was offered the opportunity to move instead of him. being thrown from the plane.

As the flight progressed, Zuckerberg stated that the pbadenger continually made inappropriate comments as he was repeatedly served drinks, and she noted that "at one point he had three alcoholic drinks on his tray". [19659002] "Ironically, one of those comments was about all the recent cases of badual harbadment in the media and how these millennial women are simply not willing to give a booty to get a job," he wrote in your letter. [19659002] In addition to being furious with the pbadenger and herself for not causing more commotion, she explained that she is even more furious with the airline because they gave her a "platform" for the harbadment. Zuckerberg accused the airline of being "more concerned about taking his money than for the safety of the other pbadengers around him."

About an hour and a half after his tweet explained that two executives of the airline informed him that an investigation would be conducted and that the pbadenger's travel privileges were temporarily suspended.

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